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How To Invest In NIO Stock From India?

The NIO stock is flying high but should Indian investors buy it? This blog will help you understand this along with the facts and figures of the NIO stock. Also, find out how you can buy the best US stocks using Cube Wealth.

Priya Bansal

NIO Limited is China’s answer to the vastly popular American electric car manufacturer, Tesla Inc. The company designs and manufactures smart electric cars and is currently listed on the NYSE as NIO.

The company launched its IPO in 2018 and the NIO stock has grown over 15x since the past year. Interestingly enough, NIO Limited was nearly bankrupt in 2020. 

But with 2x sales soon after and a strong January 2021 push with its new electric sedan, the company and the NIO stock itself both seem to be slowly reaching financial stability. 

Does this mean that Indian investors can benefit from the NIO stock? In this blog, we will try to answer this question by evaluating the NIO stock, its track record

NIO Limited (NIO) Stock Information At A Glance

1. Stock Name: NIO Limited (NIO)

2. Share Price: $57.98*

3. Market Cap: $90.386 Billion

4. Beta: 2.79 (Risky)

5. P/E Ratio: N/A

6. 52 Week Low: $2.11

7. 52 Week High: $66.99

Fun Fact: NIO is called “Weilai” in Chinese which roughly translates to “Blue Sky Coming”

Historical Performance Of NIO Stock

The upward trend in the NIO stock's performance was widely attributed to the company's launch of new products and the business model that is helping them rise above the debt they accumulated.

NIO Stock Performance
Source: Google

Top 9 NIO Limited (NIO) Products

NIO primarily makes electric cars and currently has 9 different EVs on the road (or about to be launched).

1. NIO ET7

2. NIO EC6

3. NIO ES8

4. NIO ES6

5. NIO EP9

6. NIO House

7. NIO Power

8. NIO Service

9. NIO Formula E 

5 Benefits Of Buying NIO Stock

1. Sales growth of 11% (1.37 million units sold) in 2020 as per official Chinese data

2. Expected NEV sales estimated to be approximately 1.8 million units in 2021

3. NIO’s innovative Battery as a Service (BaaS) model that allows electric car owners to rent batteries

4. Prospective business expansion into Europe in late 2021

5. Gradual mindset shift towards embracing EVs across the world

Cons Of Buying NIO Stock

1. NIO outsources its EV manufacturing to third party entities

2. Traditional car manufacturers like Volkswagen and General Motors are expected to enter the EV space in the coming future

3. Growth of Tesla Inc, the most popular EV and autonomous vehicle manufacturers in the world

Should You Buy NIO Limited (NIO) Stock From India?

According to market data, NIO stock has been surging over the past year. However, NIO did nearly go bankrupt in the same year while it’s facing ever-increasing competition from EV manufacturers like Nikola.

Thus, whether or not you should invest in NIO stock from India would depend on your investment goals and risk appetite. The best way to understand both is by using the Cube Wealth app and consulting a Wealth Coach.

How To Buy NIO Limited (NIO) Stock From India Using Cube?

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*Note: All facts & figures are as of 04-02-2021. Download the Cube Wealth app for the latest information.

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