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4 simple investment tips for millennial parents

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Fintech veteran Satyen Kothari’s wealth management startup builds long-term investing habits

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Why NRIs love to invest in India?

Cube Wealth, an Indian FinTech start-up for financial planning & wealth management, is entering the global markets in 2019.

AI and automation can help create decision support systems. Good financial advice is the need of the hour and, while human deliberation is required for many aspects, the basics can be left to technology.

International investors will soon have the chance to invest in the best emerging markets in the world with Cube Wealth global expansion.

International investors opportunity to invest in India is imminent after Cube Wealth made the best advisors in India accessible to busy Indian professionals, expats in India and NRI’s.

Cube Wealth celebrates successfully celebrates its first year of success as a wealth creation firm for busy professionals and announces plans for global expansion.

Global expansion plans in store for Cube Wealth after only 1 year providing wealth solutions for Indian nationals. Satyen Kothari says ‘Get rich lazily.’

Cube Wealth is the full stack solution to meet your wealth creation needs. So much more than just another one of those mutual fund apps.

Cube Wealth announces Series A Funding of 14 crore to support their expansion plans across India and to enable NRI investors.

“We have spent a lot of time understanding the Indian professional’s problem around money and wealth creation, and have built the simplest and best service ever seen to simplify all the work, while still giving the user full control,” Satyen Kothari.

Don’t leave your money idle in the bank. Learn how to invest your money in top performing assets recommended by HNI advisors in Cube Wealth.

Cube Wealth is a service that offers members wealth creation, automated savings, and expense management through an award-winning user-interface.

An exclusive interview with Satyen Kothari where he shares his key insights as a successful modern day entrepreneur. Find out Satyen’s tips for building a successful startup.

Custom built to solve the pain points of money management and wealth creation. Suitable for urban professionals earning 10 lakh PA + and HNIs.

Cube will appeal to progressive, professional Indians – entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives, media professionals, doctors and homemakers.

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