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What Is a SIP Calculator?

A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP calculator is a financial tool used to calculate the wealth you can create by investing in mutual funds via a SIP. 

The Cube Wealth Mutual Fund SIP Calculator is simple and easy for beginners to use. It will help you visualize probable returns on your mutual fund SIP investments.

The parameters used to calculate SIP returns :

  1. Duration of investment tenure: 1 to 50 years
  2. Expected rate of return: 1 to 40%
  3. Investment frequency: Generally monthly
    (Can also be Quarterly or Yearly)

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How Does This SIP Calculator Work?

A SIP calculator or mutual fund calculator is basically going to measure compound interest. It is in the simplest words a compound interest calculator.

How To Use The SIP Calculator?

  1. Enter investment amount
  2. Set investment duration
  3. Selected expected returns (%)
  4. Look at the results
  5. Download the Cube Wealth app

Formula to calculate SIP

M = P × ({[1 + i]^n – 1} ) × (1 + i)/i

  • M - Estimated return amount
  • P : Monthly investment amount
  • n : Number of SIP payments
  • i : Periodic rate of interest.

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What Are The Benefits Of Investing Through SIPs?

If you’re looking for reasons to start investing using SIPs, we’ve got quite a few!

  • Regular & Disciplined Investing

    You cannot time the market - you may be lucky once in a while to buy low and sell high but do you really want to leave this to luck?

    Probably not! 
  • Rupee Cost Averaging 

    As mentioned above rupee cost averaging is what happens when you invest a fixed amount irrespective of whether the market goes up or down. It brings the average cost of your total investment down.

    This is important because generally, we want to buy when the market is high because people are talking about their profits. Similarly, when the market dips we tend to panic and want to sell.

    A SIP prevents you from making such decisions and therefore protects your money from your own indecision.
  • Simplicity & Convenience

    You have a life beyond investing and rightfully so. SIPs are automated so they don't require a hands-on approach in fact they discourage it.

    Moreover, if you use a smart investment app like
    Cube Wealth you get to see all your mutual fund Investments at a glance.

    This way you get to monitor them easily but don't need to do much to grow your wealth.

  • You Can Start Early 

    You can start a SIP for as little as ₹1000 on the Cube Wealth app. That means you can start your investment journey early.

    This way you have an edge over others who invest in assets like gold or property because the amount required to start is much higher.

    Plus the sooner you start the more you stand to benefit. The mutual fund calculator above can help you get an idea of the returns you can expect.

How Does A Mutual Fund SIP Work?

Thanks to wealth advisory apps like Cube Wealth you can grab a small piece of the market and watch it grow into a pound cake. When you buy a mutual fund through say a monthly SIP of Rs. 5000, it will fetch you a specified number of units of the fund. 

The value of the units you get depends on the market value of the fund. This act of buying a mutual fund will make you the mutual fund investor – a unitholder.

 You will then earn gains or incur losses based on the funds’ performance, essentially the returns on your investments. This is why it is important to choose the right funds and consult a trustworthy wealth advisor.

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How To Invest In Mutual Funds SIP In India?

There is a convenient way of investing in mutual funds SIPs in India - using the Cube Wealth app. Wealth advisory wasn’t always available to the common investor in India. 

However, Cube has changed that with curated and handpicked mutual fund recommendations from our wealth advisor, Wealth First, that you can access using the Cube Wealth app for free.

 You can gain access to QuickSIP, a feature that lets you invest in mutual fund SIPs based on your goals. Cube also gives you access to SuperSIP, the best way to modify or skip your SIP payments. 

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FAQs On SIP Return Calculator

  1. What does a SIP mean?

    A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a way of investing in mutual funds. Through a SIP, you can invest a small amount every month, quarter, or year, in a mutual fund scheme. 
  2. Which SIP is best in India?

    A SIP is a way to invest in mutual funds and not a fund in itself. You can invest in the best mutual fund SIPs using the Cube Wealth app. Cube gives you access to curated recommendations from Wealth First, our mutual fund advisory partner. WF lets Cube users choose from a list of the best handpicked mutual fund SIPs for each month. 
  3. Which SIP is safe?

    Mutual fund SIPs are market-linked instruments that carry a certain degree of risk. However, you can invest in mutual fund SIPs in a safe way by using an honest and reliable app like Cube Wealth. 

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