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What is Cube Wealth?

The formula to create wealth is simple to understand, hard to execute.

Wealth creation=Access to high quality investments + disciplined investing + magic of time.

Cube Wealth provides you access to SEBI registered top tier investment advisors that were only available to the ultra-rich earlier. Cube automates the discipline of regular investing.

Cube guides.
You set up.
Cube reminds monthly.
You approve.
Cube takes over.

The money is always in your name. Even your vacation savings money earns you more than the typical bank account. Your dream wealth creator and amazing bank account alternative combined. Your life simplified. Your dreams realised.

Set up multiple accounts to manage money for elderly parents, your personal business or anyone else you are responsible for.

Simplifying Wealth Like Never Before

No algo-trading. No stress of picking your funds and stocks. Only work with top quality partners we have trusted to manage our own personal funds that have performed year after year.

Cube’s SEBI certified Equity Advisor feature has recorded 48% returns over the last 9 years. 10 lakhs invested in 2009 would have matured to 3.38 Crores in 2018. Cube unlocks access to this incredible service for you.

Cube Mutual Fund option has done the hard research for you. Our SEBI certified MF advisor has picked the best mutual funds of the 8,000 available in India based on risk category, performance over time, size and continuity of fund manager in charge.

Cube Members are VIPs

We love our Members and don’t make you raise a ticket or wait in a queue to get help. Our unique support model gives you direct access to our internal team. Real time personalised feedback when you need it. Send us feedback, compliments, complaints - we listen and engage directly with you.

We know money

Over 350k users with our original award winning Cube app that handled over 35 Crores.

Proudly brought to you by successful serial entrepreneur Satyen Kothari, founder of Citrus Pay, and his talented team of tech and marketing gurus.

Secured and Protected

  • Your savings and investments are always held in your name
  • We work with SEBI registered financial advisors
  • We integrate with the India Stack for KYC
  • We integrate with BillDesk, Yes Bank and BSE to move your money and pay your bills
  • We are built on top Amazon Web Services. Your credentials are hashed and stored encrypted. We use a 3 factor security framework to secure your data
  • We maintain a fully auditable secure transaction log history so you can track your money and transactions at all times.
  • Cube is an AMFI-registered Mutual Funds Distributor with ARN 114580

Our Partners

The Cube Team

Cube is brought to you by a proven team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers. Over three years, we have handled over 35 crores in bill payments and mutual funds. Our CEO, Satyen, is the founder of Citrus Payments and three other startups.

Cube access is by invitation only.

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