Cube Wealth

Ever wanted a service that guides you at each step to help you build your perfect portfolio?

Say hello to Cube.

A beautifully designed, simple app that lets you manage your wealth.

Top-tier financial advisors (used by India's richest families) to guide all of us on what to buy and when to sell. Invest in Indian equities and mutual funds, US, China, Japan, Europe, or buy gold online and even lend money to others to earn interest.

  • Proven equity advisory - 40% plus average returns for last 10 years
  • CNBC award winning mutual fund advisor
  • SEBI and RBI certified partners

1 App, 1 Minute
per month

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How is Cube different?

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If you are a hard working urban professional, and keen to get started on your journey of financial wealth and freedom, Cube may be for you.

Cube Wealth

1 App, 1 Minute
per month

On Android and iOS.
Cube access is currently by invitation only.

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