Cube - Your Private Banker

The most advanced wealth and money manager in India.

"UI looks really slick"

Kushal, Director, Upgrad

"I love the fact that it shows me real-time returns. I can see instant returns and the satisfaction that my money is not lying idle."

Anant Mundhra, CEO,

"In the mushrooming space of personal finance and banking apps, Cube is setting out to be the one app to rule them all."

Vikram, Corporate Banking, ICICI Bank

Imagine having the perfect money manager working for you 24/7.

Earning you more money all the time. Taking care of all your expenses and budgeting.

Guidance on investing in equity, international mutual funds, indian funds and many more wealth options.

Keeping track of where your money is. While you have full control. With zero effort.

Say hello to your Cube.

Cube membership is limited at the moment.

Cube manages everything.

Cube simplifies

No jargon, no cumbersome paperwork. Cube researches and picks the best money partners in the industry for you.

Cube automates

No manual work and planning to pay and budget and invest. Everything done with a few taps on your phone once a week via the Cube app.

Cube optimises

Earn more. Grow your wealth by investing in multiple asset classes automatically. Stop letting money sit idle in a bank account.

Cube takes care of your

  • India mutual funds
  • International mutual funds
  • Deeply researched equity picks
  • Bills and expense payments
  • Staff salaries
  • Budgeting and saving for your dreams
  • Optimising returns on idle money
  • Backing up your financial documents
  • Philanthropy

Our Partners

Secured and protected.

  • Your savings and investments are always held in your name
  • We are empanelled with multiple mutual fund houses
  • We integrate with the India Stack for KYC
  • We integrate with BillDesk, Yes Bank and BSE to move your money and pay your bills
  • We are built atop Amazon Web Services. Your data is hashed and double-salted. We also use tokenisation to secure your data.
  • Cube is an AMFI-registered Mutual Funds Distributor with ARN 114580

The Cube Team

Cube is brought to you by a proven team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers. Over three years, we have handled over 35 crores in bill payments and mutual funds. Our CEO, Satyen, is the founder of Citrus Payments and three other startups.

Cube membership is limited at the moment.