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Cube's top-tier SEBI-registered advisors have provided market-beating returns. For example, annualized returns of 44.25% over the last 9 years for equities. Set up a portfolio or invest a la-carte, with advice so far available only to HNIs.

Join hundreds of professionals from Google, Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Capital, ZestMoney, InstaMojo, Deloitte and more already using Cube to create wealth.

Cube makes it simple to win at investing.

  • Personalized recommendations from superb advisors
  • Diversified asset classes: Liquid, MFs, Equities, P2P Lending, Gold
  • Automated monthly investment via a simple, award-winning app

Superb Advisors, Simple App

On Android and iOS.

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How is Cube different?

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Cube is unique. Like you

If you are a hard working urban professional, and keen to get started on your journey of financial wealth and freedom, Cube may be for you.

Cube Wealth

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On Android and iOS.

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