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Are International Mutual Funds The Right Investment Option For You?

Read this blog to know if you should invest in international mutual funds. Find out how you can get curated international mutual funds based on your risk profile and investment goals.
April 18, 2024

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Stock picking can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to foreign markets. Lucky for you, international mutual funds offer an alternative where a fund manager does the stock selection for you. 

The benefits of international funds include lucrative long term returns and geographical diversification. However, most investors would want to know if international funds are right for them.  

What Are International Funds?

International mutual funds invest in shares of foreign companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others. They're equity funds that build a portfolio of high growth foreign stocks to generate returns. 

International funds offer a great way for investors to reap the benefits of different markets from countries like the US, China, Japan, and continents like Europe.  

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Who Should Invest In International Funds?

International funds are known to be suitable for investors with an above-average risk appetite. That's because international funds carry a relatively higher risk than other mutual funds.

At the same time, international funds have been known to generate lucrative returns over the long term in the range of 12-15%. Thus, international funds can be used as an effective tool for diversification. 

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International Funds Details At A Glance

1. Risk: High

2. Ideal time frame: 5+ Years

3. Returns: 12 to 15%

4. Liquidity: 3-5 business days

Access Top International Funds

How To Pick The Best International Funds?

Picking international mutual funds can be just as challenging as picking stocks. There are various factors including the fund's portfolio, investment objective, and your own risk appetite that need to be considered. 

If only there was an app that could help you… there is! Cube helps you invest in the best international funds without having to worry about the research - we leave that to the experts.  

Our expert advisor Wealth First picks a handful of the best international funds in India from 17,000+ mutual fund schemes. You can Discover Top International Funds on the Cube App.

That's not all. The Cube Wealth app helps you diversify your international mutual funds within the category based on your:

  • Risk profile
  • Investment goals

This helps you distribute the risk and get the best out of 2 or more international funds. Take the free risk analysis quiz to know more. 

About Cube’s Mutual Fund Advisor

Cube's mutual fund advisor Wealth First has a track record of beating Nifty by ~50% over the last ten years. They are an independent advisory firm that has been in the game for over two decades. 

There are too many mutual funds scheme options in India. But Wealth First helps you invest in the best mutual funds by handpicking them based on 12+ complex qualitative and quantitative factors that include:  

  • Consistency of returns
  • Fund manager track record
  • Fund house history
  • Risk
Investment Facts

Cube's mutual fund advisor Wealth First doesn't just recommend the best mutual funds, they also give clear hold and sell instructions. 

  • Clients: 3,000+ 
  • AUM: ₹7,000+  crores

Want to get curated mutual funds? Download Cube For Free

How To Invest In The Best International Funds In India Using Cube?

The Cube Wealth app makes it easy for you to invest in the best international mutual funds with advice from Wealth First. WF curates international funds that suitable for your risk profile and investment goals. 

The signup process is super quick with an eKYC that you can complete from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, Cube gives you access to features that simplify the investment process: 

  • QuickSIP: Take a risk quiz, get curated mutual funds
  • SuperSIP: Change SIP date; Snooze or skip SIP payments; Toggle SIP amount
  • Live Chat: Wealth coaches on stand by whenever you have a query
  • Informational Blogs & Videos: reliable content that explains everything about mutual funds and Cube's features 

Here's how you can invest in the best international funds in India: 

1. Download Cube Wealth

2. Complete paperless KYC

3. Take risk quiz

4. Get curated international funds

5. Start investing

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Top International Mutual Funds Currently Recommended On Cube Wealth

International Fund Name

3-Year Returns

5-Year Returns

Edelweiss Greater China Equity Off-shore Fund



Franklin India Feeder - Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund



PGIM India Global Equity Opportunities Fund



See Full List Now

Watch this video to know how handpicked mutual funds work on the Cube Wealth app

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Top 5 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

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