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What Is The Best ₹1000 Per Month SIP For 20 Years?

Understand the best SIP mutual funds for a long term investment of 20 years or more. See the top funds currently being recommended on the Cube Wealth app by our mutual fund advisory partner, Wealth First.
March 24, 2021

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Most investors tend to start with a SIP of around ₹5000 to ₹10,000. But it is possible for investors to invest in SIP mutual funds for as low as ₹1000 using an app like Cube Wealth and create long term wealth. To do this, it is crucial to select the best SIP mutual funds.

This in fact is important regardless of the SIP amount. That's why many busy professionals use the Cube Wealth app. It gives you access to curated mutual funds handpicked by Wealth First.

Can A Small SIP Of ₹1000 Make a Big Difference?

Yes! If you're consistent with your ₹1000 SIP every month for 20 years then it has the power to compound and accumulate into a large corpus. This consistency can transform your future financial health. 

Here's an example of the power of a monthly ₹1000 SIP invested in a mutual fund with 8% returns for 20 years:





5 Years




10 Years



₹184, 583

15 Years




20 Years




We used the smooth Cube SIP calculator to calculate the SIP returns. You can try it too!

Best SIP Mutual Funds For 20 Years

You can start a ₹1000 SIP in the mutual funds mentioned in the following list on the Cube Wealth app.

Best SIP Liquid Funds In India

1. Nippon India Liquid Fund

2. Invesco India Liquid Fund

3. ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

4. IDFC Arbitrage Fund

5. Kotak Liquid Fund

Start a ₹1000 SIP now

Best SIP Debt Funds In India

1. IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund

View full list of debt funds now

Best SIP Equity Funds In India

1. Motilal Oswal Focused 25 Fund

2. Invesco India Growth Opportunities Fund

3. Invesco India Contra Fund

4. DSP Nifty Next 50 Index Fund

5. SBI Flexicap Fund

Start a ₹1000 SIP now

Best SIP International Funds In India

1. Invesco Pan European Equity Fund

2. Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 Fund of Fund

3. Motilal Oswal S&P 500 Index Fund

Explore SIP international funds today

Best SIP ELSS Funds In India

1. Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund

2. Kotak Tax Saver Fund

Start a ₹1000 SIP now

How To Invest In Best SIPs In India?

There are over 1000 SIP mutual funds available to Indian investors. Honestly speaking, it can get overwhelming to analyse each mutual fund to know which one best fits your goals.

Instead, you can leave the analysis to experts like Wealth First on the Cube Wealth app. But WF doesn’t just stop at analysis. They go one step further and handpick the best SIP mutual funds for you on Cube. 

These best SIP mutual funds are based on your goals and risk appetite. Wealth First’s track record of beating the market by ~50% over the past decade ensures that you get access to only the best mutual funds.

That’s not all. Cube gives you access to convenient features like QuickSIP and SuperSIP to simplify the SIP mutual funds investment journey. 

Download Cube Wealth to invest in the best SIPs now

Investment Facts


Q. Which SIP is best for 20 years?

Ans. SIPs in equity, debt, international, and even liquid funds may be a suitable option for the long term. However, a lot can change over 20 years since what is the best today may not be the best tomorrow. 

You need a reliable investment platform like Cube Wealth by your side that gives you access to expert advisors like Wealth First who can help you navigate through the ups and downs of the market. 

Q. Where should I invest ₹1000 SIP per month?

Ans. There are more than 1000 mutual fund scheme variations in India so it would be wise to understand your risk appetite and investment goals before starting a SIP.

Cube Wealth is a reliable investment app that has o a detailed risk analysis quiz feature that gives you access to handpicked mutual funds that can work for you. 

These mutual funds are selected by Wealth First, Cube’s investment advisory partner that has a track record of beating the market by ~50%. Explore the best SIPs on Cube Wealth now. 

Watch this guide on Cube Wealth’s convenient QuickSIP feature

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Top 5 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

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