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Are Moderate Funds The Right Investment For You?

Thinking of investing in medium-risk mutual funds? Read this blog to know about moderate funds, a unique category of medium-risk mutual funds only available on the Cube Wealth app. Find out how you can access the best mutual fund recommendations using Cube Wealth.

Priya Bansal

Choosing the right equity fund for your investment goals is important. But let’s be honest, there are too many equity fund schemes on the market. The list includes small-cap, large-cap, mid-cap, flexi-cap, etc.

That’s why Cube’s mutual fund advisor, Wealth First, makes it easier for investors to choose the right equity funds by grouping them into various categories based on risk. Enter, moderate funds. 

What Are Moderate Funds?

Moderate funds are a category of equity funds on the Cube Wealth app that carry medium (moderate) risk. The category includes flexi-cap funds, contra funds, index funds, and large-cap funds.

Grouping the best mutual funds into categories like “Conservative”, “Aggressive” and ‘Moderate’ allows you to diversify within and across categories based on your risk profile and investment goals. 

This falls in line with Cube’s goal of helping you build the perfect portfolio so that you’re prepared for challenges posed by the market and life. 

Who Should Invest In Moderate Funds?

Moderate funds on the Cube Wealth app are ideal for investors looking to create wealth over 3+ years by investing in medium-risk components of the market. 

Furthermore, these funds are handled by expert fund managers who buy and sell stocks based on complex market research. Thus, you can sit back, relax, and let experts do the stock-picking for you. 

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Moderate Funds Details At A Glance

1. Risk: Medium

2. Ideal time frame: 3+ Years

3. Returns: 15 to 20%

4. Minimum Investment: ₹6000

5. Liquidity: 3 business days

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Why Do We Love This?

Moderate funds have been known to generate better returns than debt funds, liquid funds, and traditional investments like fixed deposits and recurring deposits. 

Moreover, our mutual fund advisor makes it easy for you to invest in the best medium-risk funds by curating a list that’s specially handpicked for you. 

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About Cube’s Mutual Fund Advisor

Cube’s mutual fund advisor, Wealth First, handpicks and curates a list of the best mutual funds on the Cube Wealth app every month. Wealth First has a track record of beating the market by ~50% over the past decade.

  • Clients: 3,000+ 
  • AUM: Rs. 7,000+  crores

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How To Invest In Moderate Funds Using Cube?

You can invest in the best moderate funds using Cube Wealth in 5 simple steps:

Top Moderate Funds Currently Recommended On Cube Wealth

Note: Facts & figures are accurate as of 27-04-2021. Download the Cube Wealth app for the latest details. 

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