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Should You Buy Alphabet (GOOG) Stock From India?

Find out if you should add Google stocks to your portfolio. Use Cube to invest in US stocks like Google, Amazon, Apple, Tesla and more from India.
April 18, 2024

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So you want to buy Google stocks from India! Well, let’s start by understanding exactly what you’re getting into. Let’s rewind a little. In late 2015, Google repositioned & reinvented itself as Alphabet Inc.

Google, the world’s biggest search engine, would become its major subsidiary & Alphabet’s experiments in innovation and startups would fall under its ’Other Bets category’. But Google stocks were still traded under the name GOOG.

Google stocks have consistently grown ever since the IPO in 2004. To be honest only a handful of companies can ever come close to Alphabet’s market cap  ($1.177 Trillion). Buying a Google stock can seem like a good bet considering all the areas the brand has dominion over.

They have an arsenal of products & services that are tied to our lives, right from Gmail, to Google Suite, Good Search, Google Phones, Google Maps and even Google Assistant However, investors bank on Google stocks for reasons like low volatility and fair pricing as well.

But are those reasons enough for you to invest your hard-earned money in Google stocks? Would you really benefit from having Google stocks in your portfolio or is it already too late? This blog will walk you through the details . Read all about the GOOGL stock here, before you invest in this US stock!

Alphabet (GOOG) Stock Information At A Glance

  1. Stock Name: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)
  2. Share Price: $2,066.49*
  3. Market Cap: $1.389 Trillion
  4. Beta: 1.00
  5. P/E Ratio:  35.26
  6. 52 Week Low: $1,013 
  7. 52 Week High: $2,152

Fun Fact: Google was initially named BackRub’.

Historical Performance Of Alphabet (GOOG) Stock

Google Stock Performance
Source: Google

Top Google Products

  1. Google search engine
  2. YouTube 
  3. Gmail
  4. Google Play 
  5. Pixel phones 
  6. Google Home smart speakers 
  7. Google Cloud

Alphabet is trying to diversify its investments with its Other Bets category which focuses on innovation & high growth startups. These include:

  1. Waymo One (autonomous driving project)
  2. Loon (Internet connectivity)
  3. Wing (Drone delivery)

Before investing in GOOG stocks, remember that 'Other Bets' only contribute to less than 0.5% of Alphabet's revenue. 

7 Benefits Of Buying GOOG Stock

  1. Increase in Q3 revenue for 2020 ($38.01 billion, a 14% increase over Q3 2019).
  2. Google is the most preferred search engine (88% market share in the U.S.. 92% market share globally). 
  3. The ever-growing popularity of Android (64% of smartphone users have an Android OS).
  4. Diverse portfolio (Self-driving cars, Google Cloud, Youtube, and such).
  5. Increase in YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscriptions  (30 million paid subscribers).
  6. Massive Ad revenue.
  7. The future is AI and Google has the best AI investments.

To try, start with as little as $1

Note: Historical performance does not guarantee future success. Please consult a Cube Wealth Coach or enroll for our US Advisory Service, before investing your hard-earned money into any stocks.

Investment facts

Note: The above data comprise of publicly available information on Google. Exchange rate (as per data): $1=₹45 in 2004; $1=₹73.08 as of 20-01-2021. Goog stock value in Aug 2004: $54, Goog stock value as of 20-01-2021: $1,790.

Cons Of Buying GOOG Stock

  1. Regulatory risks.
  2. The rise of Amazon (Alexa, Amazon Web Services, Digital marketing revenue).
  3. iPhone sales (Pixel has been unable to compete with iPhones).

Why You Should Buy Alphabet (GOOG) Stocks Using Cube

Cube simplifies the process of buying US stocks from India. If you want to invest in your favourite companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and more. You can invest in US stocks with top-notch advice from award-winning RIA, Rick Holbrook from the comforts of your home.

The Cube Wealth app also allows you to invest in any US stock by yourself for a low amount! To try, start with as little as $1

Simply click on the "Buy US Stocks On Your Own" option.

But before you buy any international stock, it is important to know whether the stock or the investment itself is suitable for your investment goals or portfolio. 

You can have a conversation with a Cube Wealth Coach to know whether US stocks can help your portfolio.

Investment tips

Should You Invest In GOOG Stock?

Google (GOOG) stocks might seem fairly priced and Alphabet is leading the pack when it comes to innovation. But the GOOG stock is currently trading at 30x its earnings and there's a possible regulatory risk on the horizon for big tech.

These benefits and the historical growth of the stock might be a tempting proposition for investors. But factors such as your risk appetite, investment goals, financial health, and more can determine whether you should invest in Google stocks.

To get a better idea of your risk profile and if you should buy a Google stock, download the Cube Wealth app today.  

*Note: All facts & figures are as of 11-11-2020. While we update our blogs regularly, check out the Cube Wealth app for detailed facts & figures.


1.Can I invest in US stocks from India?

Ans. Yes, you can invest in US stocks like Google, Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and more from India for as low as $1 using Cube Wealth.

2. Can I buy Google stock?

Ans. Yes, Indian investors can buy Google stock (Alphabet stock) from India using Cube Wealth. The best part - you can in Google stock for as little as $1!

3. How can I buy alphabet stock in India?

Ans. The Cube Wealth app is the most convenient way to buy Alphabet stock in India. You can buy Alphabet stock with advice from RIA, Rick Holbrook or yourself (DIY) for as low as $1.

Cube Wealth Investment Quotes

“Behind every stock is a company. Find out what it’s doing.” – Peter Lynch

Want to know how to buy US stocks on your own? Watch this video.

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