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How To Invest In Moderna Stock From India?

Read all about the Moderna stock - financials, stock information, pros & cons. Find out how to invest in Moderna stock from India for as little as $1 using Cube Wealth.
March 31, 2021

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Moderna Inc (MRNA) is a drug discovery and vaccine development company based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company went public in 2018 and became the biggest Biotech IPO to date. 

The MRNA IPO raised approximately $621 million and went live on Nasdaq trading at $18.60. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of vaccine development for several diseases including COVID.

Moderna's financials have been in the red since the start but the company outperformed its Q4 2020 expectations. Moreover, MRNA is currently* trading at nearly 6x its value since being listed on NASDAQ.  

In this story, we'll take a look at the current numbers of Moderna Inc and the MRNA stock to understand the present and future financial health of the company. 

Important: Please consult a wealth coach or financial advisor before investing in any US stock.

The Fundamentals Of Moderna Stock (MRNA)

1. Stock Name: Moderna, Inc. (MRNA)

2. Share Price: $118.49*

3. Market Cap: $47.458 Billion

4. Beta: 1.47

5. 52 Week Low: $29.44

6. 52 Week High: $189.26

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Historical Performance Of Moderna Stock (MRNA)

Moderna Stock Performance
Source: Google

Fun Fact: Moderna's ticker: MRNA, is based on the abbreviation of messenger RNA: mRNA, which is the core of Moderna’s vaccine and drug technologies. 

Benefits Of Moderna Stock (MRNA)

1. Moderna's vaccine had been approved in December which has created a positive outlook around the MRNA stock. 

2. Total revenue for 2020 of $803.4 million considerably higher than 2019 revenue of $60.2 million.

3. 2020 Q4 revenue of $570.7 million up from $14.1 million year-on-year.

4. Moderna expects the vaccine to generate revenue of around $18.4 billion in 2021. 

5. MRNA stock has a composite rating of 49 out of 99 which implies that it is better than 49% of US stocks. 

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Cons Of Moderna Stock (MRNA)

1. Moderna isn't profitable yet. The company has made a consistent loss since its inception.  

2. Tough competition from the likes of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Biogen, Illumina Inc, Sanofi, and more.  

3. MRNA stock performing below par compared to S&P 500. 

Read this blog to know more about the tax on US stock investments

How To Invest In Moderna Stock (MRNA) From India Using Cube Wealth?

The Cube Wealth app is the best platform to invest in MRNA stock from India. Cube has simplified the US investment journey with a simple flow and resources to help you understand the key details. 

Furthermore, Cube helps you open a US brokerage account with our brokerage partner, DriveWealth. The best part? You can start investing in US stocks for as little as $1. You can do so in two ways:

1. How To Invest In Moderna Stock On Your Own

  • Download Cube Wealth
  • Complete the KYC process
  • Finish the LRS formalities 
  • Research the MRNA stock
  • Invest as little as $1 in MRNA
  • Think long term

2. How To Invest In Moderna Stock With Expert Advice

  • Download Cube Wealth
  • Complete the KYC process
  • Finish the LRS formalities 
  • Get buying advice from RIA, Rick Holbrook
  • Invest as little as $1 in MRNA
  • Think long term

Using Cube gives you a unique advantage - you can get buying and selling advice from Registered Investment Advisor, Rick Holbrook, who currently manages $130 million in assets for HNIs.

Cube is simple and easy to use. Get the Cube Wealth app for free.  

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Q. How Do I Buy Moderna Stock Online?

Ans. A reliable app like Cube Wealth is the best way to buy Modern stock online from India. Cube gives you access to expert US stock advice from RIA, Rick Holbrook. 

You can even buy US stocks on your own. And guess what? Indian investors can start investing in Modern stock for as little as $1 using Cube. Get started now!

Q. Does Moderna Pay A dividend?

Ans. Moderna Inc (MRNA) does not pay a dividend as of March 2021. You can explore US stocks that pay a dividend using Cube Wealth for free. What’s next? 

Check out this informative US stocks in-app guide on Cube Wealth

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