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How To Invest In Roku Stock From India?

Everything you need to know about Roku Inc stock (ROKU). Find out how you can buy US stocks from India starting at $1 using Cube Wealth.
March 31, 2021

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Roku Inc (ticker: ROKU) is a California based consumer electronics and digital media company that is popular for offering its very own set-top boxes, streaming channel, and TV sets. 

About The Founder: Anthony Wood, Roku’s founder, expanded the business in 2008 while serving as the VP of Netflix to build Roku video players. Roku received $6 million in funding from Netflix and $8.4 million from other investors. 

Roku Inc went public in 2017 with the ticker: ROKU and began trading on NASDAQ. ROKU stock has grown in value since 2017 from $26 to $356 as of March 22nd, 2021.

ROKU stock has become a hot topic in the US after it acquired the legendary PBS franchise ‘This Old House’. In this story, we’ll walk you through the facts & figures of ROKU to know if you should invest in it from India. 

Important: Please consult a wealth coach or financial advisor before investing in any US stock.

The Fundamentals Of Roku Stock (ROKU)

1. Stock Name: Roku, Inc. (ROKU)

2. Share Price: $356.32*

3. Market Cap: $45.759 Billion

4. Beta: 1.89

5. 52 Week Low: $79.38

6. 52 Week High: $486.72

Buy US stocks from India starting at $1

Historical Performance Of Roku Stock (ROKU)

ROKU Stock Performance
Source: Google

Benefits Of Roku Stock (ROKU)

1. Recent acquisition of PBS franchise ‘This Old House’ has propelled the value of ROKU stock. 

2. Roku TV has overtaken Amazon’s Fire TV in the race for the leading streaming platform in the US.

3. Roku’s Q4 earnings revealed that the company turned a profit and beat most of its targets for the quarter. 

4. Q4 reports also revealed a record revenue and record gross profits for Roku. 

5. Roku video streaming is on the rise after it announced that it had nearly 51.2 million active users on its platform. 

Buy US stocks from India starting at $1

Cons Of Roku Stock (ROKU)

1. Too many competitors in the digital streaming market (Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, HBO, Disney, Sony)

2. Roku Inc has only recently become profitable. 

3. Roku Inc has known to carry cash flow concerns. 

How To Invest In Roku Stock (ROKU) From India Using Cube Wealth?

The Cube Wealth app is the most convenient way to buy ROKU and US stocks from India because:

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Furthermore, Cube helps you buy US stocks in two ways:

1. Yourself

  • Download Cube Wealth
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  • Go through LRS formalities 
  • Select Roku stock (ROKU)
  • Invest as little as $1

2. With advice

Cube gives you access to top-quality US stock advice from Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Rick Holbrook. Rick has over 40 years of experience with US equities and manages ~$130 million for HNIs.

  • Download Cube Wealth
  • Complete the KYC process
  • Go through LRS formalities 
  • Get buying advice 
  • Invest as little as $1
  • Get selling advice 

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Shriram Shekhar
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