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How To Invest In Netflix (NFLX) Stock From India?

Find out what makes the NFLX a potential investment option. Learn more about investing in US stocks using Cube. Get an idea of whether you should add US stocks to your portfolio.

Priya Bansal

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a 50% chance that you have been a Netflix subscriber. There’s an even higher chance that you’ve used someone else’s Netflix account!

Netflix has come a long way from being a DVD mail-in delivery company to an online streaming service giant. But Netflix didn’t just stop at being the #1 streaming platform in the world.  The NFLX stock outperformed every stock on the S&P 500 from 2010 to 2019!

Netflix is a user-centric organization driven by a business model that focuses on improving the streaming experience for its users. This is evident from Netflix’s stellar user retention rate of 60% after 2 years of subscription and 55% after 3 years.

It is also one of the few streaming services that don’t bother you with constant ADs. Netflix also invests approximately $150 million on improving user recommendations. The performance of the NFLX stock is not surprising when you think about all these factors. 

But should you buy shares of the NFLX stock? Will it benefit your portfolio? Let’s answer these questions by looking at the NFLX stock information.    

Netflix Stock (NFLX) Information At A Glance

1. Stock Name: Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

2. Share Price: $546.54*

3. Market Cap: $242.06 Billion

4. Beta: 0.79

5. P/E Ratio: 89.89

6. 52 Week Low: $393.60

7. 52 Week High: $593.29

Fun Fact: Netflix was originally called KIBBLE.

Historical Performance

NFLX stock performance

Note: Historical performance does not guarantee future success. Please consult a Cube Wealth Coach or enroll for our US Advisory Service, before investing your hard-earned money into any stocks.

Netflix might seem comparatively smaller than other tech brands like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and others, in terms of market share. But Netflix’s market cap is higher than the GDP of New Zealand, Belarus Kuwait, and several other countries.

6 Benefits Of Buying Netflix Stock (NFLX)

1. Consistent subscriber growth.

2. Increase in Q3 2020 revenue $6.4 billion Vs Q3 2019 $5.2 billion.

3. International business expansion and revenue.

4. Historical performance.

5. Highly transparent.

6. Extremely user-centric. 

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Fun Fact: If you’re a Tesla motors vehicle owner, you’d be happy to know that you can stream Netflix in your Tesla soon. (Only when parked though!)

3 Cons Of Buying Netflix Stock (NFLX)

1. Stiff competition from Amazon and Disney+.

2. Threat from traditional media outlets like Warner Bros., HBO, and others.

3. Missed subscriber target for Q3.

How To Buy Netflix Stock From India Using Cube?

The Cube Wealth app makes it easier for you to buy stocks of US companies like Netflix, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and more from India with world-class advice from RIA, Rick Holbrook, who currently manages assets for HNIs worth ~$130m.

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Before you buy any international stock, speak to a Cube Wealth Coach to know whether NFLX, AAPL, GOOG, FB, AMZN, TSLA and more can help your portfolio.

Should You Buy Netflix Stock (NFLX)?

NFLX stock offers a solid proposition for investors because of its historical performance, consistency, widely sought after content, user-centric business model, and more.

But at the same time, there are worrying factors like the NFLX stock trading at 60x forward earnings, increasing competition from Amazon, Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, and other traditional media outlets. As of 04-01-2021,  the NFLX stock is currently trading below its 52 week high.

Historical performance and the pros & cons are not enough to answer this question either. Other factors like your age, risk appetite, investment goals, time frame, and more, can determine whether you should buy NFLX stock.

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Investment Facts

*Note: All facts & figures as of 16-04-2021

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