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Top US Healthcare Sector Stocks For 2023

Want to invest in US healthcare stocks from India? Read this blog to know more. Get answers to questions like how big is the healthcare industry in the US? Find out how you can buy US stocks from India for as low as $1 using Cube Wealth.

Priya Bansal

The US healthcare sector is a robust ecosystem of several top-notch companies from domains like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment, managed healthcare, and more. 

It would be reasonable to assume that healthcare may be a key player in the growth of the US economy. After all, solid healthcare services ranging from potent medicines to doctors are a pillar of well being. 

As it turns out, healthcare is indeed pivotal to the US economy as it contributes the 5th largest revenue to the overall GDP. But that's not all. The US spends the most on healthcare compared to any country. 

In this blog, we'll help you understand where healthcare sector stocks factor into all of this. Let's begin by taking a look at the top 15 US healthcare stocks for 2023. 

15 Best US Healthcare Sector Stocks In 2023

Note: All facts & figures mentioned in the tables above have been collated from publicly available sources. The companies mentioned in the tables are listed in no particular order and are a reflection of US' most popular healthcare sector brands at the moment. Cube Wealth does not recommend purchasing stocks based on popularity alone and suggest you consult a Wealth Coach before putting your hard-earned money into any asset.

How Big Is The Healthcare Industry In The US?

Healthcare is an essential component of every major economy. That's true for the US as well. In fact, healthcare is the fastest-growing sector in the US as indicated by*: 

  1. Spending: $11,582 per person
  2. Contribution: 17.7% of GDP
  3. Revenue: ~$476 billion

For context, the US healthcare sector generates more revenue than Japan and Latin America combined. The reason behind the high revenue and quality facilities may be attributed to two major factors: 

  1. Innovation: the best healthcare companies in the US are driven by a strong business model, research grants, funding, and personnel that catalyses constant research and innovation.
  2. Growth: the US healthcare system is backed by strong public and private investments as well as government support.

Furthermore, the 2024 growth forecast data of healthcare sector components like Pharmaceuticals is estimated to be ~25% while the IT division of healthcare may grow by more than 45%.  

Is The US Healthcare Sector A Good Investment?

The S&P 500 Health Care tracks 62 of the best US companies across domains like: 

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics & services
  • Medical devices
  • Drugs & vaccines
  • Managed healthcare & insurance
  • Payers & providers

Here's a snapshot of the S&P 500 Health Care index's returns over time:

Source: S&P 500 Global

The data above indicates that the US healthcare sector can generate potentially high returns. But it has 62 shares, each of which has its own pros and cons. That's where an app like Cube Wealth can help you. 

How To Invest In US Healthcare Sector Stocks?

Cube gives you access to US stock advice from RIA Rick Holbrook who currently manages ~$130 million for HNIs. Rick's advice can help you build the perfect portfolio of US stocks that work for your financial goals. 

But wait, there's more. You can buy US stocks for as low as $1 using the Cube Wealth app. There are more than 3000 US stocks in the Cube Wealth app including companies like Pfizer Inc and Johnson & Johnson.

Here's how you can buy top US healthcare stocks using Cube Wealth:

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2. Complete your KYC

3. Finish LRS formalities

4. Transfer money to brokerage account

5. Invest in US healthcare stocks

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*Data indicates figures for 2019 as published by the Centre for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Statista.

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