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Things You Must Avoid While Investing In Real Estate

Real estate investment comes with its own goodness. However, it is important to invest wisely and smartly in any asset whether commercial or residential instead of taking the leap of faith.
April 18, 2024

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It is common to commit mistakes in real estate investing in the initial days if you are a beginner. Cube has detailed guidance for all the beginners as to how to avoid mistakes while investing in the real estate domainYou can consult a Cube Wealth Coach or download the Cube Wealth App.

Buying and selling properties can bring you money, but it requires knowledge, perseverance, and skill.

Knowing some of the common mistakes that people make when they first start investing in real estate can also help you avoid making them yourself.

Investments in properties come with profound attributes. Not only does it capitalise wealth for the future, it may also act as a great source of regular incomes in the form of rentals. Owning a property in any prime location is an add on as it provides greater rentals and bigger sale value. 

The real estate investors should take care of the following aspects to save themselves from any future problems - 

Devise A Strategy

Starting with an investment strategy will help you match your purchases with your long-term objectives. Deciding the type of property and its purpose should be the priority here.   

Next, creating a plan would help you to stay organised and prepared in most situations. Purchasing a property without realising its true potential may become challenging to get the right lease amount. It may become difficult to formulate future plans as well. 

So planning can help. Including what to do if the market declines or your predictions turn out to be incorrect. 

Conduct Recce At Favourable Locations 

Make sure to conduct thorough research on the area and the particular house you intend to purchase. It is advisable to consider multiple properties before investing in one. This would help in comparison and draw a better assessment of the most favourable property. 

It is also imperative to decide whether the purchase you are considering is worth the money. Thorough due diligence should be performed before buying a home. 

Every kind of real estate investor, whether a private homeowner, a prospective landlord, a flipper, or a land developer, must take research into account. 

You should enquire extensively regarding the property as well as the locale (community) in which it is situated. This would help you understand the location benefits and the ambiance around. You can consult a Cube Wealth Coach or download the Cube Wealth App.

Gather Resources 

Real estate involves a huge amount of finances. Starting right from purchasing a property to managing the expenses thereon, includes big monetary requirements. 

Registration fees, stamp duty, painting and repairing and Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) are some of the mandatory expenses when buying a property. Interior Designing could be another expense as per individual’s choice.  Apart from money, other resources for finding good properties are also required. Such as the right location, good property, legal procedures have to be considered before making any investment. To succeed, assemble a team of experts, such as a real estate agent, an attorney, and a handyman. 

Manage Finances 

Make sure you can afford the property you bid on by carefully estimating the costs, such as mortgage payments, insurance, renovations, and upkeep. 

There are still many mortgage alternatives available, and the goal of these mortgages is to enable purchasers to buy real estate assets that they might not otherwise be able to afford using a more traditional, 30-year mortgage deal.

It is also ideal to begin with a fixed-rate mortgage or to pay cash for your investment home.

Take Help

Many buyers may believe they are capable of concluding a real estate transaction by themselves. Even though you may have successfully completed multiple agreements in the past, things might not go as easily in a down market.

Investors in real estate should use all available tools and establish friends with professionals who can guide them in the proper direction.

A list of potential experts should at the very least contain a knowledgeable home inspector, a handyman, a lawyer, and an insurance agent.

Get Legal Assistance 

The majority of investors don't consider seeking professional assistance while making real estate investments. However, there can be multiple undiscovered issues with properties, this could cause them trouble in the future. Working with a reliable real estate professional ensures that your property is free of any legal encumbrances and protects you from fraudulent offers. With the aid of an expert real estate agent, you can find a good property at a fair price.

To arrange your spending and prepare for an investment, you should always speak with a financial advisor.

Research About The Builder 

The legitimacy of your investment will be ensured by the real estate developer you choose.

A reputable real estate company will secure the required legal authorizations and documentation for the sale of real estate.

They also make sure that RERA has approved their initiatives in order to guarantee transparency in all transactions. 

Buying a property from a respected provider would help you in ensuring high quality construction materials being used. They will also take care of their customers through efficient customer service. 

Browsing the developer's corporate website, social media profiles, and project sites will help you to get the complete picture. You could also seek input from others in order to assess the builder's reputation.


The truth is that everyone would invest in real estate if it were simple to do so. Thankfully, a lot of the difficulties faced by investors may be prevented with careful research and preparation before a contract is signed. You can consult a Cube Wealth Coach or download the Cube Wealth App.

Hopefully these tips have provided a thorough grasp of the typical mistakes made when investing in real estate and how to make wise property investments.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are some common errors people make when drafting real estate contracts?

Before signing the contract, you should have it reviewed by an experienced real estate attorney. Failing to do so is a mistake that several people make to reduce costs.

If any flaw is discovered after the transaction has closed, it may result in losses. To prevent future problems with neighbours or tax officials, the property should also be surveyed to ensure that the lot size and borders are accurately indicated in the contract.

2. Is a cash-only offer preferable to a mortgage?

Making a complete down payment may be wise if you have sufficient cash on hand. However, doing so may diminish your liquidity and create opportunity costs because the money cannot be utilised for other things.

For these reasons, getting a mortgage might make more sense, particularly if interest rates are low. This is especially true if the mortgage is paid for with rent from the property.

3. Are there any red flags to avoid in real estate deals? 

Ans. Red flags can include properties with unclear titles, disputes, or liens, as well as deals that seem too good to be true. Always conduct a title search and due diligence.

4. Should I avoid emotional decision-making in real estate investments? 

Ans. Yes, emotions can lead to poor investment decisions. It's essential to make decisions based on financial analysis and a clear investment strategy.

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