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Tracking Top Stocks Bought & Sold By Mutual Funds In 2020 Vs Investing In Stocks Under Advisory

September 4, 2020

Stocks have the potential for high capital appreciation while also allowing you to own a part of the company you invest in. But they also carry high risk and are directly affected by fluctuations in the market. Tracking these funds is time-consuming and difficult. So, should you invest in stocks under an expert stock advisor or track which stocks mutual funds are buying & selling?

Although we recommend investing in Stocks under advisory from a proven expert, analyzing the top buys and sells can give DIY investors a good idea of how the big players are investing. If you’re a seasoned investor this list of top stocks that have been traded by top Mutual Funds over the course of 2020 could help you.

But if you’re new to investing try investing in Indian Stocks with advice from our Equity Advisory partner Purnartha or in US Stocks on Cube with advice from award-winning RIA, Rick Holbrook 

Should I Buy Stocks On My Own?

Investing in stocks can be a laborious process and keeping up with everyday graphs and charts can be time-consuming. Unless you are a seasoned trader, it is advisable to avoid day-to-day trading. Instead, connecting with an advisor, broker, or investing through Mutual Funds would be a better way of investing in stocks. 

A Wealth Advisor can make a world of difference for your investment strategy and future profits. The Cube Wealth App can help you minimize risk and give you access to high-quality investment advice.  

Top Large-Cap Stocks Bought And Sold

A large-cap company has a market cap of above ₹28,000 Cr ($10 billion). They are established industry leaders and shares held in these public companies are known as large-cap stocks.

One of the reasons why large-cap stocks find their way into various portfolios is because they are less volatile and tend to offer steady returns.  The top fifty of these large-cap stocks in India are hosted by Nifty 50.

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Top Mid-Cap Stocks Bought And Sold

Any company with a market capitalization between ₹8,500 Cr to ₹28,000 Cr ($2 billion and $10 billion) is known as a mid-cap company. Stocks held in these companies are called mid-cap stocks.

Since mid-cap companies are well known, they have a high profitability potential across diverse options and offer higher stability than small-cap funds. The top mid-cap stocks are hosted by NIFTY Midcap 150. 

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Top Small-Cap Stocks Bought And Sold

A small-cap company generally has a market capitalization of less than ₹8,500 Cr ($2 billion). Any share held in such a company is classified as a small-cap stock. 

With a high growth potential and profitability factor along with high risk and low liquidity, small-cap stocks can be a hit or miss depending on the guidance and advice that you receive. 

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The top small-cap stocks in India are hosted by NIFTY Smallcap 250.

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