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Should You Invest In Axis Small Cap Fund - Regular Plan

This blog will walk you through all the basic facts about the Axis Small Cap Fund. We’ll look at important details like the fund’s portfolio, historical performance, current NAV, AUM, etc. Towards the end of this blog, you’ll know how Cube Wealth helps you invest in the best mutual funds.
April 29, 2021

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Let’s start off by understanding what a small-cap fund does. In simple words, a small-cap fund invests in shares of small-cap companies. Most of these companies are budding organizations some of which may even have the potential to become industry leaders in the future. 

As a result, they may deliver high rewards but carry equally high risk. A small-cap fund is thus, by association, a high risk, high reward investment option. 

However, if you’re investing with an app like Cube Wealth, you’ll get access to top-performing mutual funds curated by Wealth First, Cube’s mutual fund investment advisor.  

In this story, we’ll help you understand if you should invest in the Axis Small Cap Fund - Regular Plan. This fund is currently being recommended on the Cube Wealth app and was handpicked by our Mutual Fund Advisory partner, Wealth First. To see the latest info on this fund please download the Cube Wealth App.

What Is Axis Small Cap Fund?

Axis Small Cap Fund is an open-ended equity mutual fund. It mainly invests in small-cap stocks and has performed better than Nifty Smallcap 100 TRI (its benchmark index) since its inception. 

Investment Facts

Primary Investment Objective

Axis Small Cap Fund aims to generate long term wealth by investing in equity and equity-related instruments (predominantly small-cap stocks). However, there’s no guarantee that this aim shall be achieved.

Other Key Highlights Of The Axis Small Cap Fund

1. Employs a ‘bottom-up’ approach to stock-picking.

2. Aims to generate alpha with proactive small-cap stock investments. 

3. Suitable for investments who are willing to remain patient across short term fluctuations. 

Axis Small Cap Fund Information

Mutual Fund Name

Axis Small Cap Fund


Open-ended equity scheme

Date of Inception


Returns Since Inception


Axis Small Cap Fund NAV


Benchmark Index

Nifty Smallcap 100 TRI

Minimum Investment Amount in Cube


Expense Ratio



₹3724.37 Cr

52-Week NAV High


52-Week NAV Low


Note: All facts and figures are updated as of 25/02/2021 and are taken from publicly available sources. While we update our pages regularly, we advise you to check the Cube Wealth App for the latest data.

Axis Small Cap Fund Portfolio

Fund Investment Portfolio
Source: Axis Mutual Fund Website

Note: Sectors mentioned above are a part of the fund’s portfolio as of 25-02-2021. This information is subject to change at any time. 

About Axis Small Cap Fund Team

Axis Small Cap Fund is managed by Anupam Tiwari. He is a CA and has 13 years of experience with stints at Principal Mutual Fund, Reliance Life Insurance Ltd., and Reliance mutual funds. (As of 25th February 2021)


  • ICICI Prudential Small Cap Fund
  • Kotak Small Cap Fund

Cube Wealth strongly advises investors to consult a Cube Wealth Coach before investing in any mutual fund.

Cube's Mutual Fund Advisor

Right off the bat, you must know that there are 1000+ mutual fund scheme variations in India. That’s a huge number and investors may find it difficult to analyse and select the right mutual fund.

Cube Wealth simplifies this for investors by giving you access to a handful of the best mutual funds. Wealth First, Cube’s mutual fund advisor, curates this list of top mutual funds for Cube users. 

Explore curated mutual funds on the Cube Wealth app today.

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Mutual Fund Investment Jargon You Should Know

1. What’s A ‘Bottom-Up’ Approach?

A bottom-up approach places emphasis on every individual company’s fundamentals and not the industry it is a part of. This can help identify the company’s potential to a certain extent rather than placing value on the industry’s performance or potential. 

2. What Does Alpha Mean?

A fund or stock’s ability to beat the market is referred to as ‘Alpha’. It is represented by the Greek letter ‘α”. Alpha can be a positive or negative value. 

Read this blog to understand more about mutual fund investment jargon


Q. How is Axis Small Cap Fund?

Ans. Axis Small Cap Fund is offered by Axis Mutual Funds. It has an AUM of ₹4,485 Cr and has generated 17.16% returns over the past 5 years. You can invest in Axis Small Cap Fund for as low as ₹5000 using Cube Wealth. Get Started Now

Q. Is Axis Small Cap Fund good?

Ans. Axis Small Cap Fund is currently being recommended by Wealth First on the Cube Wealth app. WF only recommends the best mutual funds for Cube users based on complex analysis of various factors. Download Cube For Free to know more about Axis Small Cap Fund.

Priya Bansal
Curious about personal finance and all things money. Can either find me reading a book or dancing to a tune.

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