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8 Investment Tips for Better Returns

August 25, 2020

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Everyone is looking for the best mutual fund investment tips. While the Cube Wealth blog is filled with the very best investment tips, this blog focuses on the best tips that will help you start your investing journey.

These tips will help you grow richer. And if you see the value offered on the Cube Wealth blog, do download the Cube Wealth app. It will give you free access to investment advice from the world's best wealth advisors.

Now without further ado let's jump to the tips!

Setup An Emergency Fund

Ideally, collect 3-6 months worth of savings as an easily accessible fund for emergency situations. You could liquid funds for this as they provide access in 2 days plus give better rates than bank FDs of about 7% at present. Support this fund with good health insurance and a simple term life insurance.

Plan Big Expenses

Big expenses don't have to be surprises.

Take stock of how much you think you'll spend on travel, education, cars. This way you can invest with these short term investment goals in mind.

Set Long-term Goals

Whether it's retirement, change children, homeownership or simply financial freedom… pick your long term investment goals. Then get a solid and experienced investment advisor who can help you become very rich. Contact a Cube Wealth Coach and discuss this for free.

Know Your Risk Appetite

Whatever amount of money makes you feel uncomfortable is too much money. So invest only what you're willing to lose. Not because you will but because you don't want to make any brash decisions when it comes to money. There is no shortcut to getting rich by investing. You have to be patient and smart for guaranteed wealth creation.

Get A Wealth Coach

Investing can be overwhelming. So, even just like you would get a fitness coach for your health, get a coach for your wealth. Get good guidance using products like the Cube Wealth App and get an expert help you decide to invest your hard-earned money.

Automate Your Investments

Set up an auto-debit mandate for your mutual funds and other investments. Make this such that it's debited at the start of the month or whenever you expect income to be credited. This way you will never falter with your SIPs or other deposits. Try Cube Wealth's SuperSIPs to experience the joy of automated investments.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Invest in different products such that you can coke out a winner no matter what. Some funds may not do great but if you have picked a good bunch one or two funds are less likely to have an adverse effect on your overall returns. So, get a wealth advisor to help you identify funds that are varied and will help you diversify across industries and geographies.

Don't Try To Time The Market

More people have lost money trying to time the market than those who've succeeded. There just isn't a foolproof way to time the market. So, play the long game. Invest consistently, and in a disciplined manner. Don't be greedy and don't jump the gun without consulting your Cube Wealth Coach.

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Rishabh P Nair
Rishabh P Nair is the Head Of Brand Content at Cube Wealth. Rishabh has been weaving stories for over 10 years and prides himself on building brands with a strong identity.

4 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

Schedule a call based on your convenience. And get an expert to help you invest.

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