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Expert Opinion

Investing Tips for Doctors & Pharma Professionals

No matter what your financial goals are; whether it’s buying a new house or saving up for your children’s education everything requires prior planning. This blog will give you a few basic tips that you need to keep in mind when you invest.
April 3, 2024

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When you’re in the medicine and pharmaceutical business, life can be very hectic! There’s also an additional sense of responsibility when your work has a tangible impact on the life and health of countless people. In all the hustle and bustle of this busy life, it’s easy to neglect important things like your own financial health. Whether you’re a surgeon or a top-level executive at a pharmaceutical company, one thing you cannot afford to forget is your own wealth creation plan.

As the Founder of Cube Wealth, I meet investors from several vocations, including highly accomplished professionals from the world of health & medicine. These are bright, well-educated individuals who often have one thing in common; the lack of time. Everyone wants to invest but no one has the time to take a step back and think of building an investment portfolio.

More importantly, even if you are investing, the question of whether or not you are investing the right way remains. You need a wealth coach who can think of curated assets that are ideal for your needs. It is crucial to think of the future and plan your finances in a manner that allows you to build substantial wealth. After all, your money should work at least as hard as you if not more.

No matter what your financial goals are; whether it’s buying a new house or saving up for your children’s education everything requires prior planning. This is why I believe there are a few basic tips that you need to keep in mind when you invest.

1) Clear Your Debts

This is an often looked aspect of starting your savings & investment journey. A lot of medical professionals these days have student loans or personal loans etc. You must ensure that in addition to the wealth creation focused investments you are also prioritising debt clearance. Ignoring this step would mean allocating funds to wealth creation while bleeding money in the form of interest on your loan amounts. So, start by becoming debt-free, and if you’re already debt-free, you can jump to my next tip right away!

2) Think Long Term

There are no genuine “get-rich-quick” schemes, all true wealth creation requires thinking long-term. Be patient and set long term goals that you can work towards. Setup a basic emergency fund that will safeguard you and your loved ones in the long term. This is one of the fundamental things that one needs to do when entering the world of investments. Creating wealth through investments isn’t about making that one big bet or getting lucky, it is about carefully investing in the right stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other asset classes.

3) Think Low Effort

Investing doesn’t have to be a tedious and effort-intensive process. This is something many people aren’t aware of but, you can literally automate your investments. You do not need to follow the market on a daily basis and worry every time the SENSEX or DJI dips by a few points. This is one of the core features we at Cube Wealth focused on when we were building our service. Automating your investments has multiple benefits, not only is it convenient but it also ensures you never forget a single SIP. In addition, you always pay yourself first if you set up standing instructions that coincide with your paydays.

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4) Be Consistent

While it’s a good thing to invest in LumpSums from time to time you need to have a consistent and regular approach to investing. This is why investing via a SIP or paying fixed annual premiums is a good idea. This ensures you don’t fall off the wagon and also gives you the benefits of rupee cost averaging. For example, when you invest consistently in mutual funds through the highs and the lows you get an overall lower NAV and as a result, get better returns.

5) Think Beyond Pharma

Whether its stocks or Mutual Funds you’re in a unique position by virtue of being part of this industry. This means you will have a deeper understanding of how several companies are placed and which pharma stocks and funds are ripe for investors. That said, don’t focus all your energy on these alone, because you will be putting all your eggs in one basket quite literally. You will not only depend on the success of this industry for a steady source of income by way of fees or salary but also be dependent on their success to reap returns from your funds.

You can use our free mutual funds analysis tool to check the status of your current investment portfolio and decide on where all you can improve, accordingly.

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6) Build The Perfect Portfolio

Every person has different needs and requires a different approach to investments. Your perfect portfolio is different from your spouses, friends, and colleagues. Talk to a wealth coach and get expert advice to achieve this. A wealth coach, unlike a bank financial advisor, does not need to sell you sub-par financial products to earn a commission. He or she will be able to guide you through your investment journey by giving you a clear picture of how you can achieve your financial goals without dedicating a lot of time to your investments.

Here is an episode of The Cube Wealth Show which talks about building positive investment habits. These in addition to the pointers discussed above are a great combination to help make the best investment decisions.

Satyen Kothari
Founder & CEO of Cube Wealth, Satyen is a Stanford Alum in computer science, HCI, and tech entrepreneurship. He spent 15 years in Silicon Valley learning his craft with Apple and Frog Design. He then embarked upon his own startup journey in the US & India. He is also the founder of Citrus Pay – India’s first digital payment gateway. A successful venture that sold for USD$130M in 2016. Now, Satyen is simplifying wealth creation for busy professionals with Cube Wealth, the Financial Freedom App with a smart Perfect Portfolio Planner feature.

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