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All About The US Power Sector: What It Is & Top Energy Stocks For 2023

Looking to buy US power sector stocks? Read this blog to know all about the US power sector shares. Get a list of the top 10 best US energy stocks for 2023. Find out how you can invest in US stocks from India using Cube Wealth.
October 20, 2023

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Just like any major economy in the world, the US power sector is a volatile yet crucial industry that's responsible for the production and distribution of energy to residential, commercial, and industrial entities. 

Moreover, the US energy sector is not limited to a single resource. There are several companies that leverage natural resources, manmade resources, or a combination of both to generate energy. 

In this blog, we'll take a  look at the US power sector, the major players involved, historical data, the top US energy stocks, and how to invest in US power sector stocks for as low as $1 using Cube. 

What Is The US Power Sector?

The US power sector broadly includes the production, supply, and sales of electricity within the US to individual households and companies. The US also exports power to other countries like Canada and Mexico. 

The US is the second-largest producer and consumer of electricity behind China and ahead of India. It has an energy/power generating capacity of approximately 1.12 billion kilowatts (kW). You can consult a Cube Wealth Coach or download the Cube Wealth App.

US energy companies primarily used these resources to generate power in 2020:



Natural Gas








Source: US Energy Information Administration

Furthermore, US energy companies sold approximately 3.7 trillion kWh of electricity to retail consumers in 2020. The major players in the US power sector include (but are not limited to):

  • ExxonMobil
  • Chevron
  • Duke Energy
  • Southern Company
  • American Electric Power

Explore Top US Stocks On Cube

The US power sector is volatile because it is exposed to several factors that can deplete or completely bring electricity production to a standstill. Some of these factors include:

  • Low electricity demand
  • Mandated requirement of renewable energy production
  • Air pollution regulations
  • Natural disasters (floods, cyclones, hurricanes, etc)
  • Falling natural gas prices

The Texas Power Crisis of 2021 is an example of how power grids can be affected by natural disasters. 

However, the US power sector remains pivotal to the daily functioning of practically every other industry in the US. 

Furthermore, it is home to legacy companies like Baltimore Gas and Electric (owned by Exelon Corporation) that have survived for over 2 centuries. 

Read this blog to know more about the benefits of investing in US stocks from India

Top 10 US Power Sector Stocks For 2023



Market Cap

Share Price

Exxon Mobil Corporation


$249.44 Billion


Chevron Corporation


$200.75 Billion


NextEra Energy Inc


$146.01 Billion


Duke Energy Corporation


$79.122 Billion






The Southern Company


$68.155 Billion


Dominion Energy Inc


$63.094 Billion


Enterprise Products Partners L.P.


$51.811 Billion


Exelon Corporation


$44.794 Billion


American Electric Power Company, Inc.


$43.303 Billion


Note: All facts & figures mentioned in the tables above have been collated from publicly available sources. The companies mentioned in the tables are listed in no particular order and are a reflection of US' most popular power sector brands at the moment. Cube Wealth does not recommend purchasing stocks based on popularity alone and suggest you consult a Wealth Coach before putting your hard-earned money into any asset. You can consult a Cube Wealth Coach or download the Cube Wealth App.

Psst… you can buy US stocks from India for as low as $1

Past Trajectory Of Investment Returns In Power Sector

The S&P 500 Energy index tracks 23 of the best US power sector stocks with a total market capitalization of ~$961.15 billion. Here's the historical performance of the index:







1 Year


3 Years


5 Years


Source: S&P Global

The Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index tracks 33 of the best Oil & Gas shares in the US with a total market cap of ~$1038.73 billion.







1 Year


3 Years


5 Years


Source: S&P Global

How To Invest In US Power Sector Stocks From India?

The Cube Wealth app gives you access to 3000+ US stocks including energy sector shares of companies like Exxon Mobil Corporation, Chevron Corporation, NextEra Energy Inc, and more. 

Cube simplifies that investment process by helping you:

  • Open a US brokerage account with Cube's US brokerage partner, DriveWealth
  • Get buying and selling advice from RIA, Rick Holbrook
  • Invest in US stocks for as low as $1 

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Rick Holbrook has been in equities research and portfolio management for over 40 years. He currently manages approximately ~$130 million for HNIs. 

You can access RIA Rick Holbrook’s expert advice using the Cube Wealth app. Here's how you can get started:

1. Download Cube Wealth

2. Complete your KYC

3. Finish LRS formalities

4. Transfer money to brokerage account

5. Invest in US energy stocks

Get Cube For Free to know more about investing in the best US power sectors stocks from India. 

Watch this video to know more about US stock advice on Cube Wealth


1. What are the risks associated with investing in the energy sector? 

Ans. Investing in the energy sector carries risks related to commodity price fluctuations, regulatory changes, environmental concerns, and geopolitical factors. It's important to conduct thorough research and consider diversification when investing in this sector.

2. How can I stay informed about the US power sector's developments? 

Ans. You can stay informed by following reputable news sources, industry publications, and government reports. Additionally, consider consulting with financial advisors who specialize in energy investments.

3. What role does government policy play in the US power sector? 

Ans. Government policies and regulations play a significant role in shaping the US power sector. Policies can incentivize or disincentivize certain energy sources and technologies, impact market dynamics, and influence investments in the sector. You can consult a Cube Wealth Coach or download the Cube Wealth App.

4. Are there opportunities for small-scale investors in the energy sector? 

Ans. Yes, there are opportunities for small-scale investors, particularly in the renewable energy sector. You can invest in renewable energy stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or consider crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platforms that support clean energy projects.


The US power sector is a complex and dynamic industry that continues to undergo significant transformation in 2023. The transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources is a prominent theme, with renewable energy leading the way. This transition is driven by environmental concerns, government policies, and advancements in technology.

Investors interested in the energy sector should conduct thorough research, considering their financial goals and risk tolerance. There are a variety of opportunities for both large and small-scale investors, including well-established energy companies and promising renewable energy startups. However, it's essential to remain informed about sector trends, market developments, and government policies to make informed investment decisions.

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