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P2P Investment Options Available On Cube

Get useful information on P2P investment opportunities in India with industry-leaders like Faircent and LiquiLoans using the Cube Wealth app. Invest in alternative investment options to diversify your portfolio and generate short term returns to meet your goals.
April 10, 2024

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Have you already invested in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Digital Gold, etc? If you have you are probably looking for some alternative investment options. If not, you’re seeking some high-return, short-term investment options.

Either way, if you want to invest your hard-earned money in alternative investment options, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll walk you through all the P2P investment options available on the Cube Wealth app.

If you’re new to investing or are unsure about what you should invest in we suggest you Speak To A Wealth Coach before investing. Let’s start by understanding what P2P investments and how they work.  

What Are P2P Investments?

P2P, short for Peer to peer lending, allows someone with surplus cash to lend money to a borrower. If you invest in P2P Investments via Cube your money is lent to trustworthy and properly vetted borrowers with high CIBIL scores.

Cube has partnered with two RBI Certified P2P NBFCs for this purpose. They only lend your money to borrowers who have undergone a stringent vetting process.

P2P Investment Options On The Cube Wealth App

The Cube Wealth app gives you access to two P2P investment options:

  1. P2P lending with Faircent
  2. Consumer loans via Merchants (LiquiLoans)

P2P Investments With Faircent

Cube’s P2P investment partner, Faircent, is a technology backed marketplace that brings together investors and borrowers. They are the first Indian P2P lending platform to receive an NBFC-P2P from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The money that you have invested in Faircent is distributed to creditworthy borrowers based on the preferences that you choose. Investors prefer this because:

  • It generates recurring monthly interest
  • Can give potentially high returns of up to 12%*
  • There are risk-based lending options
  • You lend only to creditworthy borrowers
  • You can help people in need
  • Backed by technology that makes this process safe and efficient
  • Faircent earns only when you start earning

The Cube Wealth app simplifies the process of creating your P2P portfolio by suggesting recommendations based on the risk preference that you select. 

Check out Cube Webinar 2.0, a session with Vinay Mathews, Founder & COO, Faircent

P2P Investments With LiquiLoans

LiquiLoans is a P2P lending platform that provides zero-cost EMI subvention loans to prime retail individuals. These loans are for top-end individuals with a high credit rating (CIBIL score over 700) who want EMI flexibility for non-fatal discretionary health care and education programs through merchants like Dr. Batra, Mahesh Tutorials, etc.  

Investors prefer this because:

  • Thoroughly vetted basket of prime borrowers
  • Lucrative interest rates (between 8-9.5% XIRR)*
  • High liquidity
  • Low minimum investment amount
  • Historically better than bank FDs

The zero-cost EMI loans ensure that investors earn a healthy subvention. Cube’s investment partner LiquiLoans was co-founded by Achal Mittal and Gautam Adukia, previous co-founders of the successful rental platform ‘Rentomojo’.

LiquiLoans is funded by Matrix Partners who also have investments in companies like OlaCabs, Practo, Quikr and Cloud Nine.

Hear directly from LiquiLoans co-founder, Aagam Maniar, in a recently held exclusive q&a session for Cube Wealth users. 

Why Should You Invest In P2P Options Using Cube?

P2P investments carry a certain amount of risk just like any other investment. But Cube can help you reduce the risk by suggesting efficient ways to distribute your investment across multiple lenders. You can even automate your P2P investments using the app.

The market projections indicate that P2P investments could be a $5 billion industry by 2023. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve and want to know if P2P investments can work for you, download the app today. 

*Interest rates are indicative of past performance and not guaranteed for future investments

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Top 5 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

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