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There are those that are wealthy and then there’s everyone else. As the CEO of Cube Wealth, I spend a substantial amount of time thinking of the busy professionals around us and mapping out a way to bridge them to the world of the wealthy.
February 10, 2021

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There are those that are wealthy and then there’s everyone else. As the CEO of Cube Wealth,  I spend a substantial amount of time thinking of the busy professionals around us and mapping out a way to bridge them to the world of the wealthy.

But, let me start with an assumption: you want to be rich. Very rich. If you don’t, then you may as well stop reading this now.

For the ones still with me, brilliant! That puts you in the second bucket of people I spoke about at the start of this article a.k.a the “everyone else bucket”. It’s not a bad bucket to start with, in fact, most of us start there. What’s bad is to stay in that bucket against your wish due to sheer inaction on your part.

How To Invest Like The Super-rich

Today I am going to share my humble opinion on how you can invest like the super-rich to become super-rich. I’m not going to dole out stock or mutual fund recommendations like they’re over the counter Crocin strips. What I will do however is lay down some rules and guides that have worked for me and many Cube Wealth users.

What You Need To Invest Like The Super-rich

To begin with, you need the following things:

  1. A Wealth Advisor – a guide that helps you understand the world of money in simple, straightforward terms without ratios, graphs and ugh…maths.

  2. The Best Investment Brains – this is the real secret for the wealthy. They have access to some of the best investment managers in the world

  3. Investing Discipline – You need to get started. No one else can do it for you. And you need to stay disciplined in doing it regularly. This is where technology and automation can help you. Once you set up the right app the right way (with the advice of your wealth coach), you don’t really need to do much.

  4. Smart Yet Simple Tracking – You deserve to know how your investments are doing. So you know how you are faring towards your goal of being rich. And this needs to be a simple number – “how much profit did I make”. That’s it.

I’m so confident that these are the key steps that after selling my last company, Citrus Pay, for Rs. 850 crores, I have dedicated my life towards building the Cube Wealth App to help everyone get on the right path.

So, assuming you’ve got the 4 things above sorted, let’s start by breaking things down into simple steps for investing like the super-rich.

Let Compound Interest Do It's Magic

Start early. If you haven’t started yet, start now. When it comes to investing money, time is your friend and compound interest is perhaps your guardian angel.

Let’s do some quick mathematics: If your parents started a SIP of just Rs. 2000/Month the year you were born, assuming a conservative return of 10%, you’d have Rs.45,00,000 on your 30th Birthday.

Now Rs. 45 Lakhs is a good birthday gift, isn’t it? Unfortunately, most of our parents didn’t invest in mutual funds. Luckily the next 15-30 years are looking really good for us in India. While no one can promise returns (guess what – even your bank can’t promise FD returns 15 years out), you must start early.

Don't Try To Get Rich Quick

Don’t get swayed by stories of instant riches. You worked hard for your money. Treat it with respect. Balance out risk vs return. Money grows slowly, it doubles, squares and even cubes, if you’re wise with it. Not to say that you can’t invest for the short term but, if wealth creation is your prime objective then think long term. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket and don’t be afraid to be aggressive – just ensure you have a good wealth coach to help you when you’re out of form.

Get Professional Help

You know that when it comes to your health, you must get professional help. Your financial health demands an equally professional guide. You don’t want to hold a scalpel over your monetary heart. You need steady hands, you need professional wealth advisors. Someone who can help you identify the best options for you based on your life goals and your ability to handle risk. Not someone who will recommend the first ten funds that show up when you google best mutual funds. I cannot stress enough emphasis on this – putting in a lot of money in a bad fund will result in dismal returns. While investing in a good Wealth Coach will help even a relatively smaller investment thrive and grow.

I hope this advice enables you to live the life of your dreams in the future – whether that is directing your own short film, travelling the world, or sending your children to the best college. These rules of thumb will help you grow your wealth the same way the world’s wealthiest people do, with quality, patience and consistency.

Start Investing Now

You can also take a few tips from the following episode of The Cube Wealth Show, which talks about building positive investment habits.

Satyen Kothari
Founder & CEO of Cube Wealth, Satyen is a Stanford Alum in computer science, HCI, and tech entrepreneurship. He spent 15 years in Silicon Valley learning his craft with Apple and Frog Design. He then embarked upon his own startup journey in the US & India. He is also the founder of Citrus Pay – India’s first digital payment gateway. A successful venture that sold for USD$130M in 2016. Now, Satyen is simplifying wealth creation for busy professionals with Cube Wealth, the Financial Freedom App with a smart Perfect Portfolio Planner feature.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

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