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Should You Invest In Kotak Small Cap Fund?

This blog includes Kotak Small Cap Fund’s current portfolio, key ratios, NAV and AUM, manager details and more. However, most investors don’t have the time or knowledge to use this information. Luckily if you invest using the Cube Wealth app - you won’t have to worry about jargon, charts or ratios.
March 16, 2021

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The Kotak Small Cap Fund invests in small cap companies that are still developing. Small cap companies in India have a market capitalization of less than 500 Crores. 

In this blog, you’ll find all the key information about the Kotak Small Cap Fund - Regular Plan. Let’s start by understanding the fund’s investment strategy. 

Important: It is recommended to consult a Cube Wealth Coach before investing in any asset.

What Is Kotak Small Cap Fund?

Kotak Small Cap Fund invests predominantly in small cap companies that are still at a nascent stage. It believes in spotting companies with a high future growth potential and aims to generate returns by capitalising on their growth.

It is recommended to consult a Cube Wealth Coach before investing in any mutual fund.

Primary Investment Objective

Kotak Small Cap Fund’s primary investment objective is to generate capital appreciation by investing predominantly in small cap companies. 

To achieve this, the fund aims to have a well diversified portfolio of equity and equity related securities. However, there's no guarantee that this aim will be achieved. 

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Kotak Small Cap Fund Information


Mutual Fund Name

Kotak Small Cap Fund


Equity Small Cap  scheme

Date of Inception


Returns Since Inception




Benchmark Index


Minimum Investment Amount in Cube


Expense Ratio



₹2,539.01 Cr

52-Week NAV High


52-Week NAV Low


Note: All facts and figures are updated as of 12/03/2021 and are taken from publicly available sources. While we update our pages regularly, we advise you to check the Cube Wealth App for the latest data.

Kotak Small Cap Fund Portfolio


Company Name


Century Plyboards (India)


Sheela Foam


Supreme Industries


Carborundum Universal


Persistent Systems


Dixon Technologies India Ltd


Hawkins Cooker Ltd


Note: Stocks mentioned above are a part of the fund’s portfolio as of 12/03/2021. This information is subject to change at any time. 

About Kotak Small Cap Fund Team

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Team is managed by Pankaj Tibrewal. He is a B.Com graduate from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta; and has a Masters degree in Finance from Manchester University, UK.

Mr Tibrewal has close to 15 years of experience in the mutual funds industry. He has managed several debt & equity schemes in the past.


Cube Wealth strongly advises investors to consult a Cube Wealth Coach before investing in any mutual fund.

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Bhavna Sharma
Bhavna is a Business Economics graduate with over 10 years of writing experience. She writes on a variety of topics for Cube Wealth and helps simplify investment-related concepts with both short & long-form content.

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