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It's always the right time to invest in Equity

August 25, 2020

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When it comes to equity only one thing matters — quality, because it’s ALWAYS a good time to invest in quality. Even when the market is volatile, expert investors welcome this activity as a pricing adjustment that separates the rockstars from the rubble. We call it a sale :)What is Equity Advisory? It's a simple product offering high-quality advice on what equity to buy, hold and sell. You pay a management fee upfront in exchange for advice on what stock to purchased as recommended by an advisor. There are various plans available to suit your individual needs. Once you've selected your plan, you simply act on the stock recommendations provided. You can invest either lumpsum or SIP with 1–3 year plans. With any plan, performance fees payable at the end of the advisory period only.You can also go through our list of the best equity mutual funds for you to invest in.

You don’t need to wait for a so called equity 'Muhurat' to invest

Suitable for: Long term wealth creation. Ideal for college funds, financial freedom, retirement planning. This is an investment you want in your portfolio with a tried and tested advisor. It's their discipline in adhering to their research standards and investment philosophy that set's them apart.Cube Equity Advisor Purnartha: With over 4,000 clients and AUM of 4,500 crores since 2009 and decade long CAGR of 44.5%, Purnartha have extensive experience in helping create long term wealth. Their Chairman and Fund Manager, Rahul Rathi, has over 20 years experience in investment and risk management experience gained from working with global investment institutions. The research team has extensive industry experience making Purnartha seasoned professionals with the results to back it up.

Equity Advisory at a Glance

Equity Advisory Champion: Sridhar Parasuraman, H/O Technology @ Cube Wealth

“I love my Purnartha investment in Cube Wealth because quality equities is a proven way to create long term wealth. It’s so simple to act on my personalized recommendations in a few taps in Cube which saves me time. I don’t have to log onto multiple portals to transact or track my portfolio.Purnartha undertakes strong research that I trust. It’s backed up by their results year on year. I would never have been able to access this quality of advisor before we built Cube Wealth. It's the perfect solution for busy professionals like me."

Purnartha Investment Philosophy

Long term equity investments and value investing in non-cyclical companies rooted in middle-class values i.e. growth without debt ensure better returns.

Solid Process + Long Term Horizon + Power of Compounding

= Great Investment Success

Purnartha’s proven formula for success is investing in the best companies and … being lazy! Purnartha‘s conservative research methodology selects the companies that:

  • Have very strong growth aspirations
  • Match middle-class values such as Little or NO DEBT
  • Where owners have their skin in the game
  • With strong management and business models in place.

Purnartha believes the key for wealth generation is long term investment in their research-backed equities. Their performance as shown in the graph below demonstrates their stunning success.


Purnartha Research Process

History: Purnartha look into company history that shows performance across regimes. Usually 11 years is a credit cycle where GDP has gone up, down and drifted. They see if the businesses have generated positive cash in all regimes. Other business and valuation related parameters are analyzed too.Business Model: Purnartha analyze why the company does not need to borrow money to grow its business. They have come across unique business models that provide an insight into the economic moat or competitive advantage of the company.Volume Growth: Purnartha also articulate what are the structural drivers for the volume growth of the company for the next few years.Channel Checks: Purnartha look at stakeholder interest, good history and the reason why the company is poised to grow as the output of the business owners thought process and interest. They identify the person responsible for the company’s future & find out if his interests are aligned for future growth. Channel checks provide an insight into culture of the company.Valuation: They aim to build a portfolio that is cheaper than the index at an EV/ operating cash flow metrics.


1. Quality equity advisory creates wealth over the long term.2. Market volatility will always occur however quality equity will always recover fast and increase in value.3. You have the option of a monthly SuperSIP or a lumpsum investment with Purnartha Equity Advisory via Cube Wealth.

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4 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

Schedule a call based on your convenience. And get an expert to help you invest.

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  • Top Notch Stock Advisory
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