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The best SIP plan to invest might be Equity Mutual Funds

August 25, 2020

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You’ve heard about the Mutual Fund investing craze here in India and want to get on board – awesome! Due to the high growth, Equity Mutual Funds can be one of the best SIP plan to invest in. We’ve outlined the key facts every busy professional needs to know.

What Are Equity Mutual Funds?

Equity Mutual Funds consist of 60% or more of its assets primarily in equity shares. Shares may vary in categorisation and include small, mid and large-cap equities. These caps essentially categorise the size, risk and return predictability of companies. You can read more about this here.

A professional fund manager has an investment strategy they use to diversify across multiple stocks. You get to invest in a fund that is fully managed and diversified to align with the fund strategy. This makes an equity mutual fund a lower risk investment option than investing in equity directly.

What Are Equity Mutual Funds Suitable For?

Ideal for busy professionals that want access to the growth available in the Indian stock market to accumulate long term wealth creation. You can set up the best SIP plan to invest under the guidance of our expert advisor, Wealth First.

Perfect for saving for a home, retirement, inheritance planning and education costs. Or to simply get rich. You can also look through some of the top-performing equity mutual funds.

Terms at a Glance

Why Cube Wealth Selected Wealth First as Mutual Fund Advisor?

Wealth First was founded in 2000 and is an independent investment advisory firm focused on Treasury and Wealth solutions for corporates, family offices, provident funds, trusts and HNIs. They have a track record that is 50% higher than NIFTY over the last decade. Their client base is made up of HNIs and Family Offices. We’ve managed to bring them to you at a fraction of the starting ticket size without compromising on HNI quality advice.

₹8,500 crores
Clients: 1,000

Their mutual fund selection process is undertaking using two parameters.

1) Qualitative Parameters:

  • AMC comfort – Pedigree, Credibility, Compliance, Process and Ability to Retain Top Management & Talent
  • Fund Manager comfort – Experience, Reputation, Performance and Continuity Record (We have had 170+ investment and marketing team interactions in the last 1 year)

2) Quantitative Parameters:

  • Scheme Aesthetics – Fund Size & Recent AUM Growth, Concentration Analysis, Clarity of positioning
  • Performance – Historical performances (SIP, Last 20-Quarters, 3-Year, and 5-Year Numbers), Risk-adjusted returns, Sharpe, Beta, and Other Statistical Ratios
  • Negative Criteria – Cash Calls, Outlier Performances, Recent Management Changes, etc.

How it Works

1. Simply the risk categories you want to invest in. Your investment will be split across a minimum the top two performing funds in this category for risk diversification.2. Select the amount you want to invest.3. Transfer your money from your bank account directly into your investments.Wealth First are constantly analysing the market to ensure they always recommend the top performing funds per risk category. You get buy, hold AND sell recommendations directly from Wealth First.In the event Wealth First update a mutual fund recommendation in Cube Wealth, you retain your existing investments. Any new investments will be allocated to the new funds. You will be able to see your previous and new investments simply in Cube. Wealth First will provide clear instructions when it is time to sell any mutual fund investments.You have the option to do a lumpsum investment or a SuperSIP. There are no lock-ins with our SuperSIP either. It literally is the best SIP plan to invest in. And yes – if you have a lumpsum Equity Mutual Fund investment, Wealth First will still provide you sell and replacement recommendations.


1. You can simply access the best SIP plan to invest in.2. You can receive personal buy, hold and sell recommendations from HNI advisor Wealth First via Cube Wealth.3. You can experience high returns selecting Equity Mutual Funds.

Team Cube

Top 4 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

Schedule a call based on your convenience. And get an expert to help you invest.

  • High Quality Mutual Funds
  • Top Notch Stock Advisory
  • Expert Financial Advisors
  • Alternative Investments

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