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7 Different Income Streams For Investors In India

Read this blog to know more about the 7 most popular income streams for investors: Salary Income; Interest Income; Dividend Income; Capital Gains Income; Rental Income; Profit Income; Royalty Income. Find out how Cube Wealth makes it easier to invest in passive income-generating options.
January 28, 2021

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Irrespective of  the industry or sector you’re working in, it will pay to know (pun intended) the various income streams that you can open up. There is a lot you can achieve with diligent planning and a little bit of help from a trustworthy app like Cube Wealth. 

In fact, a proper investment strategy and the perfect portfolio can help you set up a combination of one or more of these income streams and build more wealth for the future.    

In this blog, we’ll discuss 7 different income streams for investors in more detail so that you can identify the ones that you can conveniently make use of. Let’s start off with the most popular income stream - a salary.

1. Salary Income

You already know what a salary is but, let’s define it anyway! A salary is a fixed amount of money that you can earn as an employee. It’s termed as “active” income because you have to work to earn a salary. 

It is the most popular and in most cases, the primary source of income for a majority of people. However, maximizing the potential of earned income is perhaps the most important aspect of generating wealth that is often ignored by a large number of people.

This is where other sources of income or “passive” income, as they’re popularly known, come into the picture. 

Read this blog to know how to save money from your salary

2. Interest Income 

When you lend money to any entity, you earn interest which is a small amount of money paid in return for the principal amount. This is interest income in a nutshell. 

The interest is fixed and is commonly paid monthly or yearly in most cases. Common examples of this include your bank savings account, Fixed Deposit (FD), Recurring Deposit (RD), etc. 

Traditional interest income generators have been underperforming over the past few decades. Bank savings accounts may generate 2.5-3% returns while FDs may give 3-5% returns.

As a result, alternative investment options like P2P lending on Cube Wealth have gained popularity due to: 

  • Better returns than bank savings a/c and FDs
  • Recurring interest (9.5-12%) 
  • Risk-based investment options

Cube Wealth’s P2P partners, LiquiLoans and Faircent, are RBI certified P2P NBFCs. You can learn more about P2P lending by downloading the Cube Wealth app today.

3. Dividend Income 

A dividend is a part of the profits that a company may distribute to its shareholders. It is the company’s way of showing gratitude to its investors and is usually paid on a per-share basis.

Stocks are the most popular dividend income-generating option available to retail investors. However, there are certain mutual funds that generate dividends as well. 

Dividends are a classic example of passive income and anybody who has invested in stocks or knows somebody who does has heard about its benefits often. 

But the secret lies in selecting the right companies with a strong business model and balance sheet. Cube Wealth helps you with this for Indian and US stocks. 

Purnartha, Cube’s Indian equities partner, helps you invest in high growth Indian stocks with a long term view. The Purnartha philosophy is tried and tested with a 27.11% CAGR over 5 years.

Cube Wealth also makes it easier for you to invest in dividend-generating US stocks like National Health Investors Inc., Prudential Financial Inc., etc. in 2 ways:

Download the Cube Wealth app today to know more about investing in US stocks from India.

4. Capital Gains Income 

In simple terms, Capital Gains income is the profit earned after selling an asset like mutual funds. Assume you buy units of a mutual fund for ₹10,000 and sell it for ₹12,000. The ₹2,000 profit is the capital gains.

There are 2 aspects to capital gains income:

  • Buying a profit maker
  • Selling at the right time

Cube Wealth’s mutual fund advisory partner, Wealth First, helps you do both. To start with, Wealth First curates the best mutual funds from various categories every month for Cube users. 

After that, based on the market and fund conditions, Wealth First recommends when to sell. Download the Cube Wealth app to know more about curated mutual funds that can generate capital gains.

Read this blog to know about the types of mutual funds in India

5. Rental Income

Rental income can be generated in the form of rent or lease by a property that you own. It’s one of the go-to passive income-generating options in India but requires a large initial investment.

It also carries liquidity issues and a significant upkeep cost. Moreover, the quality of your investment depends on the desirability of the property in terms of location.

Overall, it may not be an income-generating option for everyone but may still be desirable due to a combination of social factors like status and economic factors like capital appreciation. 

Read this blog to know all about alternative investment options

6. Profit Income

Profit income can be earned by selling products or services for more than their manufacturing or production cost. For example, you could become a grocery store owner or build a service and sell it for a profit.

This is perhaps the most difficult and high stakes income-generating option on the list because it may require proper funding and/or sourcing goods and ancillary services.

Explore these high-return options    

7. Royalty Income

This is similar to rental income but instead of renting out a house, you rent out a product or service that you built and get a royalty paid in return. Simple examples include royalty payments for published books or music.

How Can Cube Wealth Help You?

The Cube Wealth app simplifies wealth creation by solving the complexities that come along with financial assets. The app has a simple and intuitive interface that has one simple view of all your assets. 

Simply put, Cube Wealth helps you build a portfolio of investments that can generate passive income in the form of interest income, dividend income and capital gains income. 

Furthermore, Cube has partnered up with leading financial advisors like Wealth First, Purnartha, and RIA, Rick Holbrook, to help you invest in mutual funds, Indian stocks and US stocks. 

These advisors weren’t available to common everyday investors in the past. However, Cube has revolutionized the way wealth advisory based investing works in India. 

Download the Cube Wealth app today to get started. 


Diversification is important and it's the only way to generate wealth via multiple streams of income. But it's important to start investing today to generate wealth through any income source tomorrow. 

The Cube Wealth app helps you move beyond a simple savings account or FD to better options like mutual funds, Indian and US stocks, P2P lending, and more. Download the Cube Wealth app to know more.

Watch this video to know more about Cube Wealth

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Priya Bansal
Curious about personal finance and all things money. Can either find me reading a book or dancing to a tune.

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