Why Invest In International Mutual Funds?

We’ve made it simple for busy professionals to invest in International Mutual Funds from India. In fact, you can buy a SIP online to invest in the USA, China, Europe, and Japan.

Why Look at International Mutual Funds?

Why not? Let’s go over a few points that you may not have considered, focusing on the advantages of investing in a US fund.

  1. Diversification: The risk/return statistics are different for different regions and aren’t perfectly correlated. This means that one market can be up while another is down. Investing across multiple geographies limits dependency on a single economy.
  2. Hedge against INR Depreciation: Given the interest rate differential between USA and India, USD is expected to appreciate in relation to the INR over the long term. This helps to enhance performance for investors.
  3. Exposure to USD: Many Indians send their children abroad to the USA for education. If this is a long term goal of yours, you can start aligning a portion of your portfolio to USD now.


Of the 23,00,000 crores in Mutual Fund assets here in India, only 2,000 are made up of International Mutual Funds. Within this niche, our Mutual Fund Advisor, Wealth First, has selected the top-performing funds that have good AMC (Asset Management Company) comfort, performance track record and stable AUM (Assets Under Management).

We’ve made it accessible for you to buy a SIP online with International Mutual Fund options. Our SuperSIP is perfect for busy professionals. It allows you to change between Indian and International Mutual Funds each month (not to mention our other investment options!) as well as change the amount you invest. You can even snooze or skip investing without penalty too. Speak to your personal wealth coach today to find out more.

Want to start investing?

We know it’s a big decision to start investing, to change advisors or to try new investment options. That’s why we give you the option of a free personal phone consultation.

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