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How To Get A Free Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis

Learn how to get a free mutual fund portfolio analysis today. Understand why it is important to assess your portfolio regularly.

Priya Bansal

A regular health checkup is a must for people over 30 and *wait for it* every mutual fund portfolio! The financial health of your investments is crucial to achieving your investment goals. This where a mutual fund portfolio analysis is useful.

This blog will tell you exactly how you can get a free mutual fund portfolio analysis. But let’s take a step back and look at what a mutual fund portfolio analysis really looks like.

What Is A Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis?

In simple terms, a mutual fund portfolio analysis tells you whether your mutual funds are good, bad, or terrible. 

This is done by comparing your mutual fund holdings to other funds from the same category. Your mutual funds may be compared to each other as well.  

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Why Is It Important To Get A MF Portfolio Analysis?

A mutual fund portfolio analysis can help you make corrections to your strategy and holdings periodically based on your goals and the fund’s performance.

A regular mutual fund portfolio analysis can be useful:

  • If you’ve picked mutual funds on your own, there may be a chance that you might be holding on to a few bad funds.
  • If a fund has changed its objective and is not in line with your goals anymore, you can rebalance your portfolio.
  • If a fund manager has left, it can affect the way the mutual fund performs overall. You can take a buy or sell call during such an instance.
  • If the market conditions are either favourable or unfavourable, you can choose to consult a wealth coach to maximize profits and cut your losses. 

What All Is done In An MF Analysis?

  • Your holdings are evaluated based on performance
  • Your funds are compared to the benchmark
  • Each fund manager’s decisions and track record is analyzed
  • Several ratios are applied to evaluate your funds
  • Every fund’s stock holdings are assessed for quality
  • AUM of each fund is scrutinized

How Can You Get A Free Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis?

There are several ways to get a portfolio analysis. However, the easiest way to get a free mutual fund portfolio analysis is with Cube

Cube’s portfolio health check-up is quick, safe, and secure. The mutual fund portfolio analysis report can help you understand whether you are holding on to good or bad funds. 

Click on this link for a complete financial health checkup of your existing mutual fund portfolio. 

Our mutual fund portfolio analysis is powered by Wealth First, our wealth advisor with a track record of beating the market by ~50%. Wealth First also curates a list of the best mutual funds for Cube users. 

You can download the app for free to learn more about Wealth First’s mutual fund recommendations. 

Watch this video to know more about Cube's advisory partner, Wealth First.


Getting a mutual fund portfolio analysis done regularly can help you go back to the drawing board. But more importantly, it can help you cut the loss-makers and identify the heroes of your portfolio. 

Try our free MF analysis tool here to know if your portfolio is healthy or weak. Speak to a wealth coach if you wish to invest in the best mutual funds today.

Want to know what a perfect portfolio means? Watch this video.

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