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Generate a passive income the Shwaytaj way

Is your goal to have a passive income from your investments? Busy career professional product manager Shwaytaj has taken the right steps to make this a reality. Read his Cube Wealth story.
April 5, 2024

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Is your goal to have a passive income from your investments? Busy career professional product manager Shwaytaj has taken the right steps to make this a reality.

Homegrown in India and now in Dublin, Ireland, Shwaytaj is the perfect example of someone who has an attainable goal and is working hard to achieve it. Generating a passive income from investments is a goal shared by many yet is seemingly a struggle to obtain.

Investing history pre Cube Wealth

Shwaytaj dabbled with an offline broker early his career then moved to online brokers. While working at an asset management company, Shwaytaj tried their online investing service. He also tried Zerodha and a few other apps. Ultimately Shwaytaj used his HDFC online broker although he ‘didn’t like’ the experience. Why? He was never completely confident with the guidance he received.

Shwaytaj purchased mutual funds via his HDFC online broker. In addition, he also researched blue-chip funds because he wanted more options. He never knew when to sell. And he wanted to be a long term investor. Shwaytaj also invested in bonds and identified NCD’s (non-convertible deventures) for his parents to invest in.  

The cold hard facts

This is a classic case of how unnecessarily complex investing is in India. It highlights the difficulty of accessing good advice, knowing who to trust and what to invest in. The mismatch between the motivation of the investor and the outcome they can simply achieve themselves is evident too. Where is the reward for Shwaytaj after taking conscious steps to achieve his realistic goal of generating a passive income from investments?

Aside from the lack of confidence and uncertainty Shwaytaj faced, he wasn't thrilled with the performance either. His portfolio was averaging market returns. He knew there were higher return investments in India but didn't know how to access them.

Shwaytaj's Cube Wealth portfolio

Liquid Funds

Receivables Financing

Mutual Funds

Equities Advisory

How these investments build Shwaytaj a passive income

We advise our members to break things down into short term investment and long term investment goals. The short term investment is from now to 3 years and long term investment is 3+ years. It ensures we have fit for purpose investments specific to meeting our members personal goals.

Liquid Funds and Receivables Financing are used to park emergency funds so that  Shwaytaj always has enough to cover unplanned expenses. He also uses it for his short term goals like annual travel and to save for new expensive gadgets. They earn 7% and 13% returns respectively. That's way better than any bank account or Fixed Deposit interest.

For the long term, Shwaytaj has diversified his Mutual Funds investment across moderate and aggressive risk categories because he can afford to take the risk at his age. He also has an investment in ELSS schemes. These are tax saving Mutual Funds that help Shwaytaj reduce his taxable income as per Section 80C. It's a great way to earn great returns and reduce tax at the same time.

Shwaytaj was able to buy a SIP online for Equity Advisory. Another high growth investment for the long term. Cube Wealth makes it attainable to invest with India's best equity advisory with a stunning 44% annual average annual returns over the last decade with a monthly SIP starting at Rs.30,000.

Why Shwaytaj joined Cube Wealth

“I followed Satyen’s career and as a product manager in the digital space, I wanted to see what Satyen was delivering after Citrus Pay. I was wasn’t an active user initially but as Cube grew into Cube Wealth, it really changed things for me. The wealth creation solution and alternative investments really hit the mark.

I wasn’t sure if my own portfolio was performing well and I had doubts it would do enough to generate a passive income for me. I wanted to take on more risk for growth over the long term. I'm doing well and want to make the most of it now so that I can enjoy the benefits of compounding in the future. It just made sense that as a busy professional, I needed an all-in-one solution and much better financial advice than I was getting. Cube Wealth evolved into that and works perfectly to meet my needs. There is no way I would've know about the advisors or alternative investments otherwise. And I'm happy with the performance I'm getting too.

The fact that I can invest stress-free in India from Ireland means that I'm not missing out on the growth of the Indian economy. It's simple to act on my buy and sell recommendations too. I can see my portfolio at all times and anytime I have any queries, the team get back to me super fast. I get to provide feedback on the service that is listened to."

Summary on building a passive income

1. You can invest to generate a passive income in the future using Cube Wealth.

2. You can access India's best advisors AND safe alternative asset classes that have excellent performance.

3. You can invest in India, the world's largest fastest growing economy via Cube Wealth. As an Indian citizen, an NRI or an expat with a bank account and PAN card, you don't have to miss out on being part of the Indian growth story.

Team Cube

Top 5 Reasons To Try Our Powerful Investment App!

Schedule a call based on your convenience. And get an expert to help you invest.

  • High Quality Mutual Funds
  • Top Notch Stock Advisory
  • Invest in U.S. Stocks
  • Alternative Investments
  • Low Minimum Investments
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