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7 Best IPOs Of The Year 2023

A detailed piece about the best IPOs that delivered solid returns in 2023.

Priya Bansal

IPOs generally gain popularity due to a company's efforts to create more awareness surrounding its move to go public. But IPOs offer several advantages as well. Investors tend to buy shares during an IPO due to benefits such as transparency, affordability, potentially high returns, to name a few.

As is the trend several companies in India went public in the year 2023 to attract investors and more capital investment. In this blog, we will take a look at the top-performing IPOs and the facts & figures around them. But first, let’s understand what an IPO is.

What Is An IPO?

A private company issues shares to investors outside the organization by going public to raise more capital. This is known as an Initial Public Offering that is commonly referred to as an IPO. Once the company goes public, it is listed on the stock exchange. 

List Top 7 Performing IPOs of 2023

Should You Invest In An IPO?

While IPOs offer the prime benefit of staying ahead of the curve and buying cheap, there is a considerable risk involved if you’re heading into these investments without thorough research.

For starters, you might not get the exact number of shares that you initially hoped for. Apart from that, negative media attention can cause the value & credibility of the IPO to plummet.

If you are looking for investment options that can create wealth for you, speak to a wealth coach to know more about mutual funds, US stocks, alternative assets, and more that might be suitable for your financial goals & needs.

Wondering how you can invest in the best Indian Stocks?

Priya Bansal

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