Cube Wealth: India’s Pioneer For Diversifying Investments Across Continents

If you have ever wanted to invest in US Stocks or simply diversify your investment portfolio across multiple countries then… *drumrolls* Cube Wealth is going to rock your investment world. 

Customer portfolios across the world are giving a standing ovation to Cube Wealth – Among the pioneers in India that helps investors diversify across assets, countries, and continents.

An app that works with over 17 investment options and has a presence in over 5+ Cities, Cube Wealth is the ultimate wealth management tool.

Why Cross Country Diversification Rocks?

There are multiple reasons why investing in international funds is a great idea.

  • Protect Your Money From The Falling Rupee

  • Create A Nest Egg In Foreign Currency

  • Invest In Companies You Really Love

  • Participate In Multiple Economies

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What Cube Wealth Offers

Free Guidance: Our wealth experts will help you at every step of the way; from investment advice to documentation & processing: Email Us For Free Wealth Advice


International Stocks: Buy stocks of US companies like Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Google etc. whose products you love & use. Invest up to USD 250,000/year through the Indian Government’s ‘LRS’ route.

A Simple Investment Experience: We have partnered with Stockal – a company that aids seamless cross border investments.  So, you get the best experience of buying US stocks & funds from India.

A Little About Our Partner

Stockal offers direct investments in ETFs & thematic portfolios of companies listed on NYSE & Nasdaq. So you get to participate in the growth of companies & brands you know & use. Since these are USD investments, you get foreign currency exposure as well.

Stockal is built in partnership with companies like NASDAQ, Benzinga & DriveWealth. It is backed by investors who are veterans in the financial services industry in India, US, UK & Singapore.

Want to start investing?

We know it’s a big decision to start investing, to change advisors or to try new investment options. That’s why we give you the option of a free personal phone consultation.

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Now you can invest in companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Starbucks in few simple steps!
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