What Makes Cube's Mutual Funds Special?

Invest With An App That’s Built For YOU!

The world of mutual funds is chaotic. There are too many ads, promos, and apps out to get your money. You’re pushed towards mutual funds that are awful, unsuitable for your goals, or both.

That's why at Cube Wealth we keep things simple & stress-free. Meet the Cube Wealth app. It gives you access to mutual fund advice that works for you with handpicked recommendations and a simple UI.

Cube helps you invest in mutual funds that are right for you with market-beating advice from Wealth First.

Why Invest In Mutual Funds?

  1. Solid Returns
    Curated Mutual Funds seen on Cube have generated 6% to 15% returns over 5+ years.

  2. Diversification
    When you buy a stock, you get just that - one stock. When you buy a mutual fund, you get a portfolio of stocks or bonds - all in one.

  3. Low Effort
    Picking individual stocks or even mutual funds can be challenging. Lucky for you, Cube does the picking and an experienced fund manager handles the mutual fund.

  4. Relatively Low Risk
    No one stock has a massive impact on your overall returns. The risk is distributed across multiple assets in the portfolio.

  5. Low Minimums
    You can invest a lump sum or start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in top mutual funds on Cube for as low as ₹500.

How Is Investing In MFs Using Cube Better For Me?

Cube’s MF advisor Wealth First narrows down top mutual funds. This simplifies investing without being time-consuming. No need to go through 2500+ mutual funds!

Cube's  Perfect Portfolio feature helps you pick mutual funds for:

  • Emergencies
  • Short term
  • Medium term
  • Long term

Wealth First gives you clear selling instructions in case an AMC or mutual fund strays from its investment philosophy!

Cube’s Wealth Coaches are also there to help you select the right investment for your goals.

Cube Versus Other Apps


Advisory Type

Wealth Coach

Investment Portfolio














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