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Asset Leasing by GRIP

Your bank account is generating only 3 to 4% returns. What’s more is that the pre-tax return on most traditional investments is well...confusing. We get it.

That's why Cube has partnered with Grip to bring you Asset Leasing as an investment option.

GRIP is an alternative investment option that lets you invest in unique physical assets. It is outperforming traditional bank accounts and FDs by generating nearly 3x post-tax returns.

What Is GRIP?

GRIP is a lease financing platform that lets you co-invest in physical assets like vehicles, electronic equipment, and furniture. These assets are leased to GRIP’s partners under a leasing agreement. 

The companies pay a fixed amount throughout the duration of the lease. This ensures that investors get a recurring monthly income on their investment. GRIP’s returns stand at 12% IRR post-tax. 

Who Are GRIP’s Partners?

GRIP’s partners include companies that are involved in exciting domains like Electric Vehicles (EVs), furniture renting, air purification, and more. These physical assets are leased to companies like:


GRIP evaluates their partners based on 3 important factors:

  • Financials: Does the company have a strong balance sheet?
  • Corporate profile: What is the company’s standing in the business world?
  • Business performance: What is the business’ future potential, what are the industry trends, key contracts?

These factors help ensure that GRIP only leases to companies that have a strong business model and high creditworthiness.

Who Is It Suitable For?

GRIP is suitable for investors who want to:

  • Generate passive income on a monthly basis
  • Receive a lucrative post-tax return of 12% IRR
  • Gain exposure to a non-market linked asset

GRIP Facts At A Glance

  1. Returns: 12% IRR post-tax
  2. Passive Income: Yes (monthly)
  3. Asset Class: Lease Financing
  4. Asset Type: Non-market linked (Alternative asset)
  5. Risk: Medium
  6. Ideal For: 3+ years


Investor Returns

Jun 22


Jul 22


Aug 22


Sep 22


Oct 22


Nov 22


Dec 22


Jan 23


Feb 23


Mar 23


Apr 23


May 23


Sample EMI Schedule For Grip Investors

Benefits Of Investing In GRIP

  • Lucrative Post-Tax Returns: GRIP has historically generated 12% IRR post-tax. This has a dual benefit:

    1) Returns are better than most FDs, RDs, bank savings a/c
    2) You don’t have to calculate the taxable amount/capital gains

    Note: Investors will need to file ITR 3 to declare returns generated from GRIP.
  • Passive Income: GRIP is a platform where a lessee (companies) pays the lessor (investor) a fixed monthly lease income. The returns are predictable since the interest is pre-agreed. This is great for investors aiming to achieve financial freedom in India.
  • Non-Market Linked: GRIP is a lease financing platform where co-investors lend to companies. This means that GRIP is not linked to the stock market.
  • Creditworthy Lessees: GRIP follows a 3-step protocol to ensure that their partners are creditworthy lessees. This helps you mitigate the risk and if you’re investing with Cube, there are more unique benefits.
  • Unique Cube Benefits: Your GRIP investment in Cube Wealth is split across 10 unique companies (across different sectors and assets) every time you decide to invest. This mitigates the risk even more for Cube users.

How To Invest In GRIP With Cube

Cube in association with GRIP gives you access to the best alternative investment and lease financing experience. All you have to do is:

  • Download Free Cube App
  • Complete your KYC
  • Choose 'All investment options'
  • Click on GRIP
  • Sign the investor's agreement
  • Tap on invest

The Cube Wealth app is convenient to use because it doesn’t confuse you with complicated graphs and charts Cube is reliable because there’s no unnecessary jargon and you always have control.

Grip Founder Explains Asset Leasing!

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