Invest directly in U.S. Stock Markets

in a few simple steps with Cube Wealth

Now diversify your portfolio to invest in global companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon & many more. We ensure you have a simple & frictionless investing experience.

Offer: For first 100 subscribers. No annual brokerage for the first year*

Why invest in U.S. Equities?

US stock markets are home to some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. It is a mature and well-governed market; good for diversification with great exposure to hi-tech futuristic companies. Also, you get exposure to USD for currency hedge.

Why should you invest in U.S. Equities?

  • Diversification across multiple geographies helps reduce the overall risk from concentrating investment in one location
  • U.S. exchanges give you an opportunity to participate in global companies as well.
  • U.S. markets have outperformed the Indian market in the last ten years giving higher returns to investors. 
  • Hedge against value depreciation of Rupee as compared to USD

How can you start?

  • Submit your details to speak with our wealth coach to get started
  • You can buy & sell fractional stocks from over 3400+ securities listed on NYSE & NASDAQ or you can invest in ETFs as well all through our app.

Why is it right For You?

  • Simple & easy onboarding process with minimum paperwork
  • Freedom to own fractional shares in global brands
  • Secure digital buying & selling
  • Anytime liquidity
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Investment Horizon: 5+ Years

Minimum Investment: $750