👋🏻  Hi! We’re Cube Wealth.

The Cube Oath To You

Our mission at Cube is to increase the probability of you creating wealth via high quality, ethical advice, & without stress. 

Always in your best interest

We will not tolerate or indulge in any unethical practices, set unrealistic expectations on future performance or prioritize our revenues over your best interest.

Simple and stress-free

We will constantly work to simplify the world of personal finance. We will crush confusing jargon & ensure you don’t drown in data. Because financial complexity can be used to stress, confuse, or mislead you.

We put our own money first

We will not offer any options that the Cube Team does not personally invest in.

Your data, your control

We are NOT in the data marketing business. We will never share your personal financial data with outside parties for marketing.

Grow your money without wasting time

on stock picking, poring over excel sheets, financial news, analyzing market trends, tracking the Sensex, researching company fundamentals, comparing mutual funds, reading financial reports, trying to predict the future & losing your sanity!