Great - you have taken the
first key step!

Great - you have taken the first key step!

Exclusively for those who deserve to be rich.

Did you know that 40% of the portfolios we analysed in May had funds that our expert MF advisor recommended getting rid of. Shocking, right? 

Holding on to them means you are losing money every day, & losing the chance to make money via good funds as well. A double-loss.

Let’s fix this today. See if you own any BAD Mutual Funds.

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We Practice What We Preach!

Our team invests personal money in every asset shown on Cube.

Cube Keeps Your Money Safe

When you invest using Cube, your money always stays in your name.

Our founder, Satyen Kothari, started Citrus Payments (sold for $130 mn) prior to Cube. Citrus handled payments worth $2 billion for 20 million users and 15,000 merchants.

At Cube, your money is guarded using world-class technology. Authentication & Authorization Protocol + 3-Factor Security Framework.

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