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Basic financial management isn’t something we are taught yet is an essential part of life. Here’s a few tips to help you set up the for stress free money management from us, your wealth coach. Only a small amount of effort required for set up. Perfect for busy professionals. 

The bucket philosophy

Simple, self explanatory and wealth coach endorsed


Ok so this part may not be the most fun but you do need to work through your budget to know what your expenses are. Many people avoid this key step because they feel overwhelmed at the cost of living. It frightens them and they feel helpless to change their situation. As earnings increase during their career, they never readdress this. Take 15 minutes to go over your expenses. Even a busy professional can find this small amount of time. Use your internet banking history to help you work it out. There’s apps that can help you or you can do it old school style in excel or in a notebook. Just do it (thanks Nike!).

Emergency fund

You need to have 3-6 months living costs available at all times. There will always be unplanned life events. Your health or working situation may change. Or someone close to you may need you to care for them for an extended period. Once you’ve worked out your expenses, check to see if you have a minimum of 3 months of funds available. If you don’t, you need to do the work and save. If you already have the amount you need available, great!  For better than bank interest options, check out these short term investment options.

For people with a high number of dependents, it is worth having 6 months of living expenses available. It is all about risk mitigation, just in case. An emergency fund is the simplest way to avoid financial stress if you life situation changes.


Once you have your budget in place and your emergency funds amount saved, you can shift gears. Think of your short-term savings goals. Are you saving for a vacation? Are you planning extra study? Anything you wish to accomplish from now to 3 years as a busy professional. Understand the cost and the time you wish to achieve this within. Work out the monthly amount you need to out away to make it happen. Use a higher than bank interest investment option to help you save faster for it. There are a lot of low risk options out there with no lock-ins that earn more at least 2 times more than the best FD rates in India. 


All of your available funds from this point onwards can be used to invest for long term wealth creation. You don’t have to stress about it either. All of your short term costs are accounted for and you have emergency funds to rely on. If you’re super smart, you’ve parked your money in higher than bank interest investments. You are now free to save for a home deposit, child’s education, plan for retirement or simply get rich. 


1. It is easy to take the stress out of your financial management using our simple money bucket approach.

2. You can optimise your short term savings by putting your funds in safe, low risk, now lock-in investments that easily earn 2 times more than the best FD rates in India.

3. You can take care of your short and long term investing by using Cube Wealth. It’s perfect for busy professionals and provides access to India’s best investment managers. It’s the wealth coach you always wanted.

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