Cube - Your Private Banker

Earns you more. Automates your bills. Simplifies your life.

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Your problem - You can do better than FDs!

Have extra funds? Open an FD. Need to save? Open an FD. Education? Retirement? More FDs. It's what 'everyone' does.

But FDs are actually more work than you think, and with fewer benefits.

With a FD, you still need to calculate how much to leave in the bank for bills and expenses. How many FDs? What amount? What term? When will you need the cash in the future? Oh, and if anything changes, you bear early withdrawal penalties.

It's like having a mental excel sheet in your brain every time you think of your money. Ugh.

Cube's solution - Someone smart to care for your money

What you really need is someone that parks your money responsibly, so it works as hard as it should.

Someone that knows your long term goals, your regular expenses, and keeps money ready when it's needed.

We built Cube to do exactly this

Cube algorithmically optimises your money to earn more, it helps automate your bills and expenses, and manages all your financial documents in one place.

Your Cube bank account constantly works for you - just like having your own private banker.

Cube - Your Private Banker

Cube is in limited preview. Sign up to get your invitation.