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"I really liked the app. Kudos to the team."

- Nandakishore Reddy.

"It gives me upto 8% of interest."

- Tharak.

"Excitement of seeing your money grow."

- Ragesh G R.


Store backup of your essential documents like Passport, warranties and receipts etc. in our secure Digital Locker and access it offline anytime.

  • Travel Stress Free.
  • Store digital copies of all your key documents like passport,hotel bookings etc. in Doc Locker.
    Instantly Available.  No International data needed.

  • Multiple KYC checks.
  • Organize digital copies of your KYC documents in Doc Locker and share them whenever you need them.
    Click.  Save.  Share.

  • Private and Secure Backup.
  • Cube stores all your documents in your phone memory and secures it with a 4-digit PIN to restrict any unauthorised access.
    No Cloud Storage.  Secured by MPIN.

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Start saving for these breathtaking experiences curated by Cube in the new Featured Goals - and earn better returns than your typical bank account.

  • Skydiving in Dubai.
  • Feel the thrill of freefall from 13000 feet on the Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. No Experience required.

  • Roadtrip to Ladakh.
  • Embark on a memorable roadtrip through the scenic valleys, snow-clad mountains and high rugged passes of Ladakh.

  • Rent A Supercar.
  • Experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari F430 or Audi R8 without buying one. Be a part of an exclusive club that provides opportunity to drive exciting supercars in India.


The super simple bill payment feature has been revamped for better experience and faster bill processing.

See your bills in a simple list so you never miss a payment-no more complex screens as seen in other apps with a shopping mall and 20 other features to confuse your life.


Earn 50% more than a typical bank account on money deposited with Cube.

Instant account creation for all users that have invested in a MF before with no paperwork. Real Time Deposit. Easy Withdraw.  No lock in unlike a Fixed Deposit.


The new, simplified dashboard will help you track only what you enjoy and what you need to care about.

It provide real-time updates of your earnings, your time savings, all in a beautifully designed interface.


Cube is led by Satyen Kothari, the founder of 5 companies including Citrus Pay and 3 companies in Silicon Valley.

Cube’s team are the brightest of brains from Stanford, Wharton, IIT/IIM & have worked with giants like Apple, Disney, American Express, CitrusPay, Zynga.

We are deeply passionate about making money easier to manage.