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Cube Wealth announces Series A Funding of 14 crore to support their expansion plans across India and to enable NRI investors.

Wealth creation requires investing in high-quality business and assets. It requires discipline, without being swayed away by fear or greed. It requires staying invested for a long time to let compounding do its magic.

This is an exclusive interview with Satyen, as a part of The Times Blog - Stories initiative where he shares his key insights from his 20 year successful entrepreneur career.

If you want good advice and minimum risk while investing, Cube Wealth is your answer.

Cube Wealth brings together high returns investment options, along with advice from top tier advisors who were previously only available to the nouveau rich.

Cube will appeal to progressive, professional Indians - entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives, media professionals, doctors and homemakers.

It's like having your personal, perfect money manager working for you around the clock.

Advisors that were previously only available to UHNI’s are now accessible via Cube after negotiated to bring these available at low monthly SIP amounts to the Indian professional user.

One of the keys to wealth creation is disciplined investing in few stocks. Cube’s platform provides access to the best wealth advisers in the market.

Mutual fund investments have seen huge growth in India, with the assets under management (AUM) growing 200%, from 7 lakh crore as on March 31, 2013, to 22 lakh crore as on February 2018.