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Should You Invest In Kotak Emerging Equity Fund? – Regular Plan

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund is a mid-cap equity fund with a diverse stock portfolio. Read all about its past performance, key ratios, and how you can invest in the fund using Cube Wealth.
April 5, 2021

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Kotak Emerging Equity Fund aims to capitalise on undervalued but high potential mid-cap companies. Its portfolio consists of fast-growing names like Ramco Cement and Kajaria Ceramics.

In this blog, we will take a factual look at the fund’s objective, holdings, historic performance and more. Towards the end, you’ll learn how to invest in the Kotak Emerging Equity Fund using Cube Wealth.  

Note: It is advisable for investors to consult a Cube Wealth Coach before investing in any mutual fund.

What Is Kotak Emerging Equity Fund?

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund is an equity fund that focuses its investments on mid-cap companies. It chooses companies that are underrated or undervalued but have the potential to grow in the future.

Sector-wise, Kotak Emerging Equity Fund allocates a major chunk of its available capital in industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, and financial services.

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Primary Investment Objective

The Kotak Emerging Equity Fund scheme invests majorly in mid-sized companies. It has a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related securities, along with debt and money market instruments.

The objective of the fund is to maximise long-term capital appreciation. However, the achievement of this aim is not guaranteed. Confused about all the mutual fund jargon? We’ve simplified it. Read it here.  

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Information


Mutual Fund Name

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund


Equity Mid Cap  Scheme

Date of Inception


Returns Since Inception




Benchmark Index


Minimum Investment Amount in Cube


Expense Ratio



₹10,431.2 Cr

52-Week NAV High


52-Week NAV Low


Note: All facts and figures are updated as of 05/04/2021 and are taken from publicly available sources. While we update our pages regularly, we advise you to check the Cube Wealth App for the latest data.

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Portfolio


Company Name


Supreme Industries


Coromandel International


Ramco Cements


Sheela Foam


Schaeffler India


P I Industries


Kajaria Ceramics


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About Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Team 

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund Team is managed by Pankaj Tibrewal. He has close to 15 years of experience in the mutual funds industry. He has managed several debt & equity schemes in the past. 

Mr Tibrewal is a B.Com graduate from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta; and has a Masters degree in Finance from Manchester University, UK.


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