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All the reasons to

All the reasons to ♥︎ Cube

Build The Perfect Portfolio For You

Investment based on your risk profile and your life goals.

Get Help From Only The Best

Get advice from experts who advice the world’s ultra-rich.

Simple Portfolio Tracking

Just the basics – your total value and your profit amount. Who needs more?

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Go Beyond Just Mutual Funds

12 asset types. Innovative options like US stocks, Indian stock advisory, p2p & more.

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Get Help In Buying And Selling Even Mutual Funds

17,000 mutual funds – you’d be crazy to pick your own! Don’t.
Cube’s veteran MF advisors help you pick quality funds. And even alert you when to sell a MF.

Be The Family CFO

Handle all portfolios for all family member in Cube.
No more multiple logins and apps to manage.

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We Practice What We Preach!

Our team invests our personal money in every asset shown on Cube. That’s how much we love & trust our picks!

What Does All This Add Up To?

Perfect Portfolio made + Great advisors guiding you = Lower stress and more wealth

Cube is trusted by senior professionals & founders from

Cube Keeps Your Money Safe

When you invest using Cube, your money always stays in your name.

Our founder, Satyen Kothari, started Citrus Payments(sold for $130 mn) prior to Cube. Citrus handled payments worth $2 billion for 20 million users and 15,000 merchants.

At Cube, your money is guarded using world-class technology. Authentication & Authorization Protocol + 3-Factor Security Framework

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