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Planning for House buying.  

Vibhor Sharma
Active Member

I always wanted to buy a house of my own. I don't want to take any help from my parents. How do I save enough for down payment using SIP.

Posted : 24/04/2020 5:49 pm
Rahul Gaitonde
Eminent Member

The common disclaimer about mutual funds is that past performance is no indication of the future. but the long term (5+ year) performance should give you some idea of what a fund is capable of.

You also have some idea of when you will need the down payment by, that is how many months your sip will run.

Then figure out how much you will need to invest every month via a compounding calculator. Maybe introduce a buffer in case the fund doesn't perform exactly as it did over the (past) long term.

Posted : 29/04/2020 3:14 pm