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Compilation of Memorable Tweets & Quotes by Morgan Housel  


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23/06/2020 1:41 am  

A former columnist for leading financial publications including The Motley Fool & The Wall Street Journal, Morgan Housel is a well-known figure in the financial world. Currently, he is a partner at the Collaborative Fund, an investment fund based around supporting early stage ventures to future-oriented technology companies. Their investments including Lyft, TaskRabbit & Kickstarter to name a few span across a variety of industries & share a common trend of being technologically disruptive.

Apart from this, he is also well-known author of numerous books including “The Psychology of Money”, “Everyone Believes It; Most Will Be Wrong” & “50 Years In The Making”. He also continues to share his financial knowledge through the “Collaborative Fund Blog”, where he is often seen discussing more recent events & their consequence on financial markets. His social media presence includes a wildly popular Twitter account with over 170k followers as well.