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Compilation of Memorable Tweets & Quotes by Charlie Munger  


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22/06/2020 5:11 pm  

Apart from being a well-known media personality, Monika Halan is the consulting editor for India’s second largest business daily Mint. A Certified Financial Planner, she has collaborated with leading media organizations in her goal of improving the financial literacy of the common man. To this effect, she is also the author of  "Seven Steps to Financial Freedom" & “Let’s Talk Money”, both aimed at enabling her readers to derive the most value from their money & achieve financial independence. In addition to being a qualified writer, she is member on the Ministry of Finance Committee on Incentives (Bose Committee) & the Sebi Mutual Fund Committee.

Her undeniable knowledge for personal finance within the Indian context makes her a value resource. Additionally, her usage of several media outlets to communicate makes her knowledge both easily accessible & up-to-date. Here are some tweets/quotes we found particularly interesting.