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How to start investing in Mutual Funds?  


How to start investing in Mutual Funds?

Posted : 07/04/2020 10:14 pm

The first step is to actually talk to a wealth coach or a financial advisor so they can help identify your financial goals & align your investments accordingly. Here's a helpful video that covers this:

Posted : 20/04/2020 11:59 am
Vatsala Singh
New Member

Your investment approach needs to be based on multiple factors and would, therefore, be different based on your experience with investing and your purpose for the same. Investing for beginners will be very different from the investment plans of a seasoned investor. So it is highly recommended to begin with the help of a wealth advisor. They will be able to understand your financial goals, risk appetite, and the time duration you should look to invest for.

Having said that, just as a pointer, investing in mutual funds via a SIP or systematic investment plan is an investment method that works for all types of investors. And Fixed Deposits, PPFs, and Mutual Funds via the SIP route are good investments for beginners. 

Hope this helps 🙂

Posted : 30/04/2020 1:32 pm
Sanshul Grover
Active Member

Also, do have a look at our video on "Smart Ways to Invest in 2020":

Our five-minute guide might give you some direction on where you can start your investing journey this year.

Posted : 05/06/2020 6:48 pm