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Compilation of Memorable Tweets & Quotes by D. Muthukrishnan  


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16/06/2020 12:50 pm  

Apart from being the founder & leader of Wise Wealth Advisors, D. Muthukrushnan (Muthu) is one of the most recognizable personalities within Indian investing circles. His self-proclaimed goal of enabling people to become financially independent & achieve their life goals has gained him large-scale popularity.

To achieve this goal, he is regularly seen imparting knowledge through a variety of digital channels including his digital blog & Twitter account. His Twitter account alone boasts over 150k followers.

Muthu's known for his long-standing experience in the world of investing which allows him to provide unique insights on current economic & financial conditions. Therefore, this thread aims at compiling a list of his top-performing tweets & quotes relating to the world of investing.

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A compilation of memorable tweets by seasoned investor D. Muthukrishnan:


1) The real secret to wealth is to spend less than you earn, invest the difference & do it regularly for not less than two decades. No wealth coach or get rich book would tell you this. Remember, for most of us, there is no other way than the hard way.

2) Asking you to buy a Pidilite or Nestle and hold it for one or two decades would create good wealth for you. But your advisor would starve by dispensing such advice. This is one of the main reasons why such simple strategies are not promoted.

3) Stocks can give no return for many years and give many year returns in a few years. If you're not ready to undergo this experience, you'll never create sizable wealth.

4) For the companies I own, I read every single news article. Many years ago, when I bought Hitachi, there was very little info. I went through dozens and dozens of Google pages to find even a small bit of information pertaining to as early as 2005. Don't expect spoon-feeding. Make efforts.

5) I don't understand technicals or momentum. My strength is buying good businesses and holding them till they remain so.

6) Look at Bharat Shah, Saurabh Mukherjea & Ambit portfolio. This would very much cover most of the quality stocks in Indian markets.

7) It's neither buying nor selling but holding which creates wealth.

8) A sure way to lose money is to chase quick money.

9) To finish, you need to stay in the race.


Muthu's advice around investing is often centered around the necessity of long-term investing for creating substantial wealth, identifying the correct businesses to invest in & putting in substantial effort in your investment process. 

(Source: Twitter, Username: @dmuthuk)

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