Own Terrible Investments?

Don’t worry! It’s nothing Cube can’t fix!


It’s nothing Cube can’t fix!

Most of us have fallen for financial traps! Sometimes it’s buying bad insurance-based products. At other times it is buying bad mutual funds sold by bank relationship managers.

Whether someone recommended bad stocks to you or sold you ULIPs and then disappeared… we’ve seen it all. That’s why at Cube Wealth our aim is to simplify wealth creation! We take your trust seriously.

The Cube Oath

The 1st Rule
Our primary responsibility is to increase the probability of our customers making wealth without creating stress.

The 2nd Rule
We will not market anything that several of our own team members at Team Cube do not personally invest in. This ensures we always bring in quality assets and advisors that are good enough for our own money.

The 3rd Rule
We are NOT financial gurus. We will not provide stock tips or mutual fund picks or our gyaan on the markets. Our expert, proven advisors may do so, but Team Cube will not.

The 4th Rule
We will work hard to simplify the world of personal finance. We will help users track their investments without any confusing jargon. We will not overwhelm them with data.

The 5th Rule
We are NOT in the data business. We will ensure the privacy of Cube Wealth users & never share their personal financial data without their permission. We will ensure we give users the right to delete all their personal financial information from our systems on request to the best of our abilities.

In addition to the above oath, we will not indulge in any of the unethical malpractices that plague the financial & wealth management industry at large, such as:

  • Setting unrealistic investor expectations on performance
  • Chasing our revenues over investor interest
  • Making false promises to investors
  • Changing benchmarks to mask poor performance
  • Taking advantage of investors that are not financially aware
  • Aggressively upselling assets to investors who don’t have the basics in place