Welcome to Cube Prime's launch

Enjoy Prime benefits that can make you money!

Special Access

Approx ₹ 30,000 value
  • Get free access to quarterly wealth seminars with top investment experts in the industry
  • 2 gift passes for wealth webinars for family and friends
  • Early access to limited availability assets

Extra Rewards

Approx ₹ 20,000 value
  • Get an additional 10% returns on your investment amount in LiquiLoans.
    For ex - If you earn 1 lakh in returns you get 10k more.
    (This benefit applies to your current investments as well)
  • Earn ₹10,000 cashback at end of year by maintaining a cumulative AUM (averaged monthly) of assets under advisory of 15L. This average has to be maintained as a sum total across any of the following advisory options in Cube: Stock Equity Advisory + US Equity Advisory + PMS + Aggressive MF + Moderate MF + Conservative MF + International MF
  • Get a ₹ 3,000 discount on renewal for each Prime membership for each person you refer to Prime

Premium Services

  • Free quarterly analysis of your non-Cube MF and stock portfolios
  • Whatsapp support group with Cube leadership & engineering team
  • Sneak preview on future features
Select your annual plan


( 1 PAN )

₹ 12,000


( 2 PAN linked to the same Cube account)

₹ 20,000


( 3 PAN linked to the same Cube account)

₹ 25,000

Join and start collecting these incredible benefits today. The sooner you start the faster and higher your extra rewards go.

1. Make your membership fee payment by UPI. The amount you send determines the plan you have selected.

UPI ID: CubeWealth@upi
Name: Cube Consumer Services Pvt Ltd

2. Once you have made the payment please forward the payment receipt to ops@bankoncube.com & specify the PAN number(s) they want for the membership too.

Post the confirmation your PRIME benefits will be available to you in 3 working days.