Get 11-12%* Annualized Returns

Short-term debt product

Who is it suitable for?

It’s an ideal short-term debt investment for parking spare cash. An added bonus of earning ‘3x’ your bank interest and ‘2x’ your fixed deposit interestThis is a new investment option powered by a RBI regulated P2P NBFC. 

Who are investing in it?

CEO’s, CXO’s, CMO’s & many senior professionals from companies like Flipkart, Cars24, CRED, Unacademy, Google, Amazon, Uber, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, WeWork, ZestMoney, JusPay, Instamojo, Upgrad, Milkbasket & many more.

What is asset ‘Consumer Loans Via Merchants?’

The asset is provided by Cube Wealth’s partner- ‘LiquiLoans’ an RBI regulated P2P NBFC. When you invest in ‘Consumer Loans via Merchants’ asset’, your investment is disbursed as high-quality Consumer Loans to creditworthy borrowers (No cost EMI loans). It’s an ideal short-term investment.

About Cube Wealth

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*The returns are not guaranteed, but in the past, Liquiloan’s Lenders/Investors have earned an average return up to 11-12% XIRR

Get 11%* returns on investments (Zero Lock-In)

Get 12%* returns on investments 
(1-year Lock-In)

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