Cube - The Money OS For Your Business

Cube is the world's first Money OS.

Bundled with the apps that fit your finance requirements.

  • Apps work 24/7 to optimise your cash. No idle money.

  • Clean dashboard view of your company's money. Simplicity overloaded.

  • Spend under 60 seconds per week to manage all your finances.

Apps available at launch

App: Bill Payments
Category: Expenses

In partnership with BillDesk, Bharat Bill Payments System, and Yes Bank. Automatically pay bills and vendors. The app fetches bill amounts, handles alerts and makes payments when you authorise them with one tap. No one likes bills. Cube makes sure you don't have to.

App: Payroll Payments
Category: Expenses

In partnership with BillDesk and Yes Bank. Simple authorisation and payout of salaries in one go. A protected web portal for your accountant or finance team to upload your payroll file. The app fetches the payroll data and makes payments when you authorise them with one tap. Say goodbye to the pains of corporate banking sites

App: Treasury
Category: Cash optimisation

In partnership with BSE, Karvy and Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd. Hassle-free optimisation of surplus cash. The app handles surplus money movement between your bank account and a liquid fund. Money is always held in your company's name. Withdraw whenever, without penalties. No more idle cash. No more laddering FDs.

Our Partners

Secured and protected.

  • Your investments are always held in your name
  • We are registered with AMFI and regulated by SEBI
  • We integrate with the India Stack for KYC
  • We integrate with BillDesk, Yes Bank and BSE to move your money and pay your bills
  • We are built atop Amazon Web Services. Your data is hashed and double-salted. We also use tokenisation to secure your data.

The Cube Team

Cube is brought to you by a proven team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers. Over three years, we have handled over 35 crores in bill payments and mutual funds. Our CEO, Satyen, is the founder of Citrus Payments and three other startups.