The Cube Team

Cube Wealth started initially as a niche bill payments and expense service. Cube's bill payments app successfully grew to 350,000 users picking up a few awards along the way. The addition of goals based savings and investment products led to today's full service wealth creation app. With over 48 crores handled in investments and payments, we are the game changer in the personal wealth creation space.

Team Cube is comprised of engineers, designers and customer journey experts. There is a real culture of whatever doing whatever it takes to get the job done and achieve the best outcome for the our members.

Our Founder and CEO, Satyen Kothari, a Stanford Alumni in computer science, HCI, and tech entrepreneurship, spent 15 years in Silicon Valley learning his craft with Apple and Frog design before moving to his own startups in the US and India. He is the founder of Citrus Pay and now Cube Wealth.

Our members typically earn over 10 lakh or have surplus each month to invest. Cube wealth provides

  • Access to superb wealth creation advisors
  • Modern investments options
  • Personalized portfolios
  • A la-carte investments
  • Automated bank debits for secure transactions

We pride ourselves on designing a simple and intuitive UI as well as our personal service for every individual that joins Cube.

On Android and iOS.